October 17, 2017

Top 10 Features We Want In Android v5.0 (Jelly Bean)

We all have heard about the latest version of Android, Android v4.0 (Ice-Cream Sandwich) and some of us might even be using it but have you heard about the upcoming version of Android, Android v5.0 or Android Jelly Bean! The name is not officially announced by the Google but according to the report given by the trusted team, the name of Android v5.0 will be Jelly Beans. The word Jelly Bean will keep the tradition of Google of naming the Android version after a sweet alive.

Now, not beating around the bush let us see, rather check, what we all want in the upcoming version. So here goes the list of the features that we want to be embedded in Android v5.0 – Jelly Bean.

Android v5.0 (Jelly Bean)

 Better File Manager

Android File Manager

That is perhaps the first wish of all the Android lovers and might even sound sort of awkward but it is true that the Android lovers have always been disappointed when it comes to file manager. Although there are third-party apps which can be downloaded and installed in the phone to the change the file manager but things like File manager must be well placed, well designed and above all, need not be tweaked!

Full Chrome

Google Chrome in Android

Windows has Internet Explorer for its phones, iOS has Safari then why isn’t Google giving the fully Chrome, with menu bar, bookmark bar, status bar, tabbed browsing etc. This is the next thing which we all are expecting to see in Jelly Bean.


Keyboard Prediction

We have seen drastic improvement in the keyboard technology in all the Android phones. But still there are certain places where Google needs to focus itself and bring about necessary changes. The long pressing of keys to get the numbers will be one of them.

Easily Upgradeable

Google takes a lot of time in providing updates to the succeeding versions of Android and sometimes it doesn’t even give updates to the older versions! This is sort of ridiculous, so this time we want Google to provide the updates of Jelly Bean as soon as possible and if possible then to all.

Light means fast

The lighter the file is, the faster it will load. So we hope to keep this rule in mind and design Jelly Bean with a very light design which will eventually make it fast. We have seen that phones equipped with powerful processors provides up the speed to the OS but when the same OS is run on a phone with comparatively less powerful processor, then we see the difference between the speed of the two.

More Toggle Keys

HTC phones are perhaps the best choice when it comes to toggle keys because these phones have wide number of toggle keys on them making them easier for user to perform different tasks, these keys also indirectly save up the battery. So we expect to see good amount of toggle keys on Android 5.0 (Jelly Bean).

Power Efficiency and Management

When it comes to battery life, we must – without giving a second thought – learn something from iOS. Their power management system is really good, the Apple phone’s battery can last days without being charged but there are many Android phones which don’t even last for 12 hours on a daily moderate use!

Light and Fancy Theme

There is a lot of improvement in the user interface of Android phones, the UI of Honeycomb and Gingerbread is far better than that of Éclair and Donut but still Google can do a lot in this category. No one wants those heavy, solid colored theme. We want light and fancy themes.

Better Security Features

Finger Scanner

We all want to get rid of typing security keys everywhere, and only Android can help us in this. We expect to see a nice quality finger scanner in Jelly Bean. This will definitely enhance the security features of the phone and would stop the intruders from bypassing the security. Although there are third-party apps for this, but we need the embedded one.

Lock Screen Widgets

Screen Lock Widgets

This feature is available on phones like sense 3.0 and sense 3.5 from HTC. This is the last but not the least thing which we are demanding from the Google team. It would be really nice if all the other users of Android would be given a chance to experience this feature.

Note: The Analysis has been done on the basis of my personal point of view and expertise. If you have any doubts or views, do share them with me.

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  1. Battery is the most RED FLAGGED disadvantage when it comes to Android, I hope they sort it quickly, even on a S2 on 3G the battery doesn’t last a day!

  2. @Dhawal
    Thank you for commenting…
    Hmm.. this is true.. and i have clearly mentioned this in the post.. :)
    Dont worry.. 😀

  3. The battery screen needs more details, specifically to hidden linux processes that run wild because of badly written drivers etc… The OEM devs need to sort those things out badly. It’s actually not android’s fault as far as i’ve seen. This is a huge part of the battery loss. In fact I wrote the LG Esteem Optimizer app on the market to combat just this problem. My phone was giving me about 6 1/2 hours battery life. I mean I lived plugged into the wall. After grewling hours of troubleshooting the linux side of things, and creating my app. I now have gotten up to 17 hours of life from a regular battery. That means I’ve increased it to about 250% it’s original amount.

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