October 18, 2017

Nokia Lumia 800: Will it Give Nokia Back its Crown?

Nokia, at one point the best phone company, was facing problems when the new year 2011 started. In the 2nd Quarter of 2011, it finally lost its no. 1 position to Apple and was also overtaken by Samsung for no. 2 position. Nokia was slid back to no. 3 position in smartphones. This surely would have disheartened the Nokia team and fans but what it did actually was the beginning of adding the new line up of Windows Phones. This new partnership increased hopes for Nokia to get back on track. They announced two new Windows Phones Nokia Lumia 800 and 710 with 800 being the flagship one.

Nokia Lumia 800

Recently, this month, Nokia Lumia 800 hit the markets in some countries. Well, it proved out to be amazing and quite successful. Vodafone UK has noticed and informed that Nokia Lumia 800 is selling a lot faster than many Android devices on its network. This phone has also been able to sell more than Blackberry 9900 and the White Apple iPhone 4S.

According to some reports, Nokia Lumia 800 is selling more than HTC Sensation and Samsung Galaxy S II but yet fails to outsell the Black Apple iPhone 4S. The network KPN in Netherlands has reported that Nokia Lumia 800 is one of the best phones to have come on its network. In a few days from launch, Nokia Lumia 800 was out of stock at Orange UK network which certainly displays its popularity.

In the above paragraph you can see how successful Nokia Lumia 800 has been. And, it is still not available in most of the famous countries such as USA, Australia, India, etc. which proves that if it could make good profits in other countries, it can surely do good in these ones as well. It will be coming to all the additional countries including India in January 2012 and will definitely hope for a good new year.

The Question’s Answer

The question is Will Nokia Lumia 800 Give Nokia Back its Crown? and the straight answer from me is No! Because a single phone can not beat all the delights from Samsung and Apple. Nokia Lumia 800 comes with specifications like 3.7 inches touchscreen, 8 megapixels camera, Windows Phone 7.5, 1.4 GHz Scorpion Processor, Adreno 205 GPU, 1450 mAh battery, etc.

The only drawback I spotted in this phone was the battery. 1450 mAh battery may not be able to support this phone to the full extent because it is a powerful phone and can play a lot of battery-consuming items. Clarifying my answer to this question, I have to say that the likes of Samsung and Apple are increasing day by day but Apple has put its latest phone iPhone 4S slightly out of context in India by the huge pricing. But it surely is making a lot of money outside India which makes them wealthier and wealthier. Samsung is now the top smartphone company after the quarter 3 reports. I agree that Nokia Lumia 800 can beat Galaxy S II but I highly doubt whether it can beat Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Note. Also, the in-making Galaxy S III.

Releasing Nokia Lumia 800 in select countries in beginning may have been a bad thought by Nokia because they may have to wait one quarter of 2012 to see the flourishing results once it releases in additional countries in January 2012. For now, I really don’t think that it can bring back the Nokia’s crown.

Which phone if not Nokia Lumia 800?

Everybody who reads this post will not be looking to buy it for sure. For them, here are some of the alternatives you should buy if not Nokia Lumia 800.

Final Thoughts

I just couldn’t cope up with the thought that this phone would give Nokia its long-lost no.1 spot but I can surely be incorrect. Clarifying my opinions, I am saying that Nokia would not be at the top in the 4th Quarter reports. You may have different opinions from me and I totally understand that. Nokia fans may disagree with my opinions but I have got some reasons and even you may have some. What Nokia needs to do now is launch some more Windows Phones and that may give Nokia a boost up. For Nokia Lumia 800, it is a great phone but not a phone which will take Nokia to the top.

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  1. I can not say Nokia Lumia 800 will bring Nokia its crown but it is a begging. IF Nokia will launch more phones like Lumia 800 it will secure its existing market share. I think there is no chance to get back lost crown.

  2. very nice review sir , nokia is always rock with new features

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