October 22, 2017

Will Aakash Tablet be a Success?

The cheapest tablet in the world is the Aakash tablet by the Indian Government and many people know it. A long time ago, Kapil Sibal, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, displayed a tablet and announced it to be the cheapest tablet in the world. In the beginning, it was projected to be a $35 tablet and on the 5th October 2011, it was officially announced and the pricing details, specifications, etc. were all announced as well. The actual retail price of this tablet is Rs. 3,000 and the price for the students is Rs. 1100.

Aakash Tablet

This tablet comes with a 7 inch touchscreen, 256 MB RAM, ARM 11 366 MHz processor, Android 2.2(Froyo), two USB ports, 2100 mAh battery, Wi-Fi and that are just the quick specifications. Well, the specifications are very weak except the 7 inch screen. There isn’t much to look forward from this tablet because it has a low processor and every time you do something that consumes more, this tablet might hang a lot. Android 2.2 is not exclusively made for tablets so the tablet may have problems with the operating system as well. These poor specifications are just worth Rs. 3K to 5K.

If you are thinking that why even waste Rs 3K on this tablet, here is a good news: Aakash 2. Aakash 2 will be a commercial version of Aakash with special upgraded versions such as 700 MHz processor, 3000 mAh battery, built-in camera, 1 GB RAM, etc. Aakash 2 will hit the markets in December ending or January 2012 which is currently unknown. Its price will also be Rs. 3000 which is as same as the first version.

The Question’s Answer

The question is: Will Aakash Tablet be a Success? and the answer is quite simply, YES! Anything which is promoted as a cheap powerful item will easily sell in a country like India where every type of people look for the best deals there are. Aakash tablet is undoubtedly a poor tablet but it is the cheapest one.

You might never regret buying this tablet for Rs. 3K but my suggestion would be to wait a little until the second version of Aakash comes to the market and buy it for the same price but if you are a student, just go for this one by spending Rs. 1100. This tablet has also hit the stores in US for $60 which is also quite less and I am sure that this tablet would earn good from US as well. From me, the answer is quite easily that yes, Aakash Tablet will be a success.

Final Thoughts

No matter how much this tablet is poor, the price sets all of it right. No matter what, this tablet will be a hit and a good success, especially in India. For Aakash, sky is the limit. Well, Aakash tablet would also have the ability to make phone calls which will make it unique because that’s what many people wanted. This is one thing I love in this tablet. In the final thoughts, Aakash tablet will be a success.


  1. Aakash will definitely succeed.. :)
    everyone is eager to get it, something very much similar before the release of Ra.One! 😀

  2. Yes, Aakash tablet will be a success. The price makes it unique. Feature like phone calls makes it a must have device.

  3. UBISLATE would be much better than aakash!

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