May 25, 2017

Top 5 Phones Below Rs. 6,000 – Features, Price and Verdict [Competition]

Lots of different phone brands have entered the phone market in the recent years, creating an abundant amount of phones. This plethora of phones has eventually bought down the prices of different phones and that too by a huge difference.

When, we people go to market to buy a new phone in the price range of Rs.6,000 we generally get sucked up by the noises and the confusion is all around us. So to make the task of choosing a good phone below Rs.6,000, we have bought up a list of Top 5 phones which according to us are the best. The list goes like this –

Motorola Ex 119 (Price Rs 5,500)

Motorola Ex 119

Motorola Ex 119 is not an old phone but still not everyone knows about it, possibly because it was not buzzed so much. Motorola Ex 119 has got a 3.15MP camera which even allow us to record videos at the speed of 14 frames per second. It has got 50Mb internal memory which is expandable up to 32GB. The best part is it’s a touchscreen phone with TFT touchscreen. It has the capacity of 1000 entries in phonebook with photocall. It has got a standard Li-Ion 750mAh battery. It supports EDGE, GPRS, 2G, Bluetooth etc. and has even got FM radio support.  And to make up the mood, it has even got a 3.5mm Jack. It has a 2.4inch display.

Nokia C3-00 (Price Rs 5,800)

Nokia C3-00

Nokia C3-00 is another phone in this list. Nokia C3-00 has got a 2MP camera with 114grams weight. It has got a QWERTY keypad. The display size is 2.4inches with 167 ppi pixel density. It can also support 1000 entries in phonebook. This phone also allow us to shoot videos at 15 frames per second and has even got a more powerful battery of 1350 mAh. Supports FM too. Data connectivity too is good, it support Bluetooth, 2G, EDGE, GPRS and USB etc. Internal memory is 55MB, with 64MB RAM and 128MB ROM. The expandable memory is really less – 8GB.

Samsung Star 2 Duos (Price Rs 5,900)

Samsung Star 2 Duos

The Samsung Star 2 Duos lies on the verge of Rs.6,000. Samsung Star 2 Duos has got a 3.15MP camera with 100 grams of weight. The phone is a touchscreen phone with TFT capacitive touchscreen. The screen size is 3.2inches with 146 ppi pixel density. The phone supports video recording at the maximum speed of 15fps. The internal memory is 30MB which is expandable up to 32GB. Although this phone shows only 30 recieved, 30 dialed and 30 missed calls but still it is a good choice. Data connectivity features are the same.  The best feature is that it is a dual SIM phone. It has got a Li-Ion 1200 mAh battery.

Spice PopKorn (Price Rs 5,700)

Spice PopKorn

Spice was never considered a great phone company until PopKorn came in. Spice PopKorn revolutionized the way people used to look at the world of phones. Spice PopKorn was India’s first ever projector phone and that was probably the thing why it was buzzed so much. It is also known as Spice M-9000. It is a 123gram phone with 3MP camera. The internal memory is 87MB. It has even got a TV analog embedded in it. The Spice PopKorn is the best phone in the list to watch movies and watching other stuff!

Sony Ericsson Txt (Price Rs 6,000)

Sony Ericsson Txt

Sony Ericsson Txt is perhaps the best phone in the list. It has got almost all the best features of each of the phone in the list. It has got a 3MP primary camera, allow us to shoot videos too. Has got 2.55inch display and a QWERTY keypad. It has even got integrated Facebook and Twitter apps which makes it easy for us to operate them. The phone has got a powerful battery too, it is a 100mAh battery. Data connectivity features and entertainment features too are the same.

Which one is the best?

According to the analysis done by us, the last phone in the list i.e. Sony Ericsson Txt is the best one in the list. It has got each of the best feature of all the phones which makes it the best. When it comes at choosing the second then I think there is a tough competition between Motorola Ex 119 and  Samsung Star 2 Duos. Rest of the two phones too are good as they have at least make it up to the top 5 phones below Rs.6,000 and it means a lot.

Other Alternatives

  • Nokia 5233
  • Samsung Wave 525
  • Samsung Corby 2 S3850
  • Nokia 7230
  • Sony Ericsson W395

Note: The Analysis has been done on the basis of my personal point of view and expertise. If you have any doubts or views, do share them with me.

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  1. Hi Arjun, Thanks for sharing this post. I recently purchased this Nokia C3-00. It has 2.4inche screen and very comfortable to use. And i love this mobile.

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