May 25, 2017

What Will Come & Go in 2012 ? iPad 3, iPhone 5, Flexible Display ?

So, 2011 is drawing to a close and what a year it’s been for tech! We’ve seen the rise of the first consumer 3D products, a brand new iPhone & iPad, and loads of other releases. But while we’ve been enjoying the newly released toys, the boffins behind it all have been working their little tails off getting ready to bring us the next big things for next year. So let’s have a look at where our new tech will be in 2012.

Voice Command

The release of the new iPhone 4S this year has dragged with it a phoenix from the ashes of failed tech; Voice Commands.

Voice recognition is nothing new. It was around in the early 2000s. Remember that cocky guy who wanted to show off his amazing new Nokia by shouting the names of anyone he wanted to call? Early voice activation gave us hours of entertainment as it almost always got it wrong.

Voice Command

But the iPhone4S’s Siri software has dragged voice activation out of the doghouse and seems to have got it just about right. We’ve never seen voice activation this intelligent before, it works with all our apps to make our lives run like clockwork (or at least that’s the dream). Of course there are teething problems right now which is why voice recognition is only going to grow in power and popularity through 2012.

Think it’s a stupid idea to shout at your shower when it’s too hot? You might be finding yourself doing it sooner than you think. Voice activation and intelligence is going to be in pretty much everything over the next year.

Could Email be Dead?

It’s hard to believe that Emails might one day be as popular as snail mail, but its days do seem to be numbered if online trends are anything to go by. With social media growing in popularity at an alarming rate, there are some who have cut out their emails altogether by doing all their communication through Facebook and Twitter.

Email Dead

It’s a bit of a scary thought, and probably a little way off. But think to yourself, when was the last time you had an email in your personal inbox that wasn’t marketing newsletters, offers or subscriptions? Of course, social networks have a little way to go in terms of security before we all abandon our email addresses but the end does seem to be nigh.

Buh-Bye to the Set-Top Box?

It’s been a faithful friend for years and yet here’s another beloved addition to our lives that might soon be gone. But don’t be sad, because there are loads of shiny new gadgets just waiting to take its place.

Mini PCs and Media centres are going to explode in popularity over the next year. Basically, they do everything that your virgin, sky, or whatever box you have does, but there are a lot more features too. You’ll be able to store as much TV as you like as you control the hard-drive space. You’ll also get to use your lovely mini PC to do everything a normal computer does like search the internet, watch YouTube videos, kill hours on Facebook or whatever else you want to do on your computer.

Watch out for the big boys playing in the TV game including Apple TV, Google TV and Xbox Media Centre to name just a couple.


2011 was a big year for Apps, but 2012 is going to be even bigger. Apps are getting more intelligent, working together and helping you to optimise all areas of your life.

More and more bits of software will be hosted in the same way in 2012 so it probably won’t be long until your desktop computer runs with apps instead of installed software.

Keep an eye on the app stores both with Apple and Android to see the latest applications.


If you have anything to do with an Apple device, you’ll know about ‘the Cloud’. It sounds a little ominous to us right now – and it kind of is. But it’s also very cool indeed.


You could perhaps describe it as a dark horse. The Cloud lets you back up & sync your devices to the internet wirelessly. This means that you can backup your phone messages, contacts songs, photos and anything else from anywhere in the world at any time you like.

It’s only in its infancy here in 2011 but just wait until we get to 2012. Absolutely everything is going to be hooked up to the Cloud and this wireless technology will be one of those things we look back on and wonder how we ever lived without it.

3D Technology

We might have seen the first consumer-ready 3D technology this year but, as with every new product, the first year is full of teething problems, the second year sees the perfected technology.

So expect more affordable 3D in absolutely everything. Phones, media players, TVs and cinemas are only the tip of the iceberg. Watch out for 3D adverts on the streets, computer games and better quality screens, graphics and glasses – although the glasses will soon be gone too.

Flexible displays

The boffins have been working on flexible OLED displays for quite a while now. We saw the first prototypes back in the mid 2000s but be prepared for consumer-ready flexible screens coming your way in 2012.

Anything from watches and phones to televisions and tablets and even magazines are being lined up for a flexible makeover, so keep your eyes out for them next year.

iPhone 5

We’ve become accustomed to a new toy from Apple each year. 2012 is going to be no different. So if you’re thinking of getting your hands on a shiny new iPhone 4S, ask yourself whether you can hold on for just a few more months. Summer 2012 is almost certainly going to see the introduction of the brand new and eagerly anticipated iPhone 5.

iPhone 5

Rumour has it that Apple are going to be doing a complete overhaul of their products in 2012. That means sexy new designs and sleek technology for everyone. Get ready; it’s going to be an exciting year.

iPad 3

Alongside the iPhone 5, the new iPad 3 is likely to see our shelves. Shinier and faster (probably) than before, it’s definitely going to be worth the wait.

Rumoured updates include; retina display, a better processor, heated stylus pen and perhaps even 3D and USB connectivity through Thunderbolt.

Some are speculating that the new iPad might be out early in the New Year. If that’s the case, it’s likely to be an iPad 2S and not the iPad 3.

Kindle Fire

Another desirable gadget for 2012 is the brand new Amazon Kindle Fire. It’s going to be released to us in the UK early in 2012 and w really can’t wait.

It’s the first Kindle with a color display and only the one button on its case. Just like it’s kindle brethren, the Fire boasts a crisp, vivid display that is a treat on the eye and a light, comfortable weight so you can hold it in one hand. I also has up to 7 and a half hours of reading time on the one battery charge so you won’t be constantly plugging it in.

We really can’t wait for this one to hit our shelves in 2012.

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