September 26, 2017

Better Version of Aakash Tablet Announced – Ubislate 7 [Pre-order Now]

Aakash is still the cheapest tablet ever produced but the specs are not satisfactory. Aakash has a poor 2100mAh battery, Android v2.2, accompanied by a 366Mhz processor, making the scenario worse it doesn’t even support calling feature. For a tech enthusiast these features might sound like a joke. But no need to worry as the upgraded version of Aakash has been announced officially on the Aakash website.

The upgraded version is named as Ubislate 7 and is being developed by the same  company – DataWind. Though the upgraded version will be a bit expensive than the Aakash but at the same time it will be providing features like Android v2.3, 700Mhz processor,3200mAh battery, Ubislate 7 can even be used a phone to make phone calls etc.

Ubislate 7

The Aakash tablet is available in the market and is being distributed at the price of Rs.2,500 while the Ubislate 7 is expected to be released in late January of next year and is expected to be priced somewhere Rs.3,000. The official website of Aakash claims to ship the order within one week and at the same time it offer features such as cash on delivery which are enough to attract customers.

We have already covered “Will Aakash Tablet be a Success?”, after reading this it might seem yes it’ll be a success but I ask you to rethink. Has the Government done right thing by announcing about this upgrade at this crucial time when Aakash was getting maximum response, will it help Aakash to succeed, definitely not, it will rather hinder the progress. All those people who wanted to buy Aakash are now getting more attached with a bit expensive but more feature loaded version of it.

Adding more obstacles in the way of Aakash, Government will be announcing the internet plans such as Rs.98 / 2GB for the Ubislate 7 users. No news of such plans for Aakash has hit the web till now but we can expect it soon because if the Government can manage such plans for Ubislate 7 then it should also manage to get same plans for Aakash – let the Government do the justice.

Aakash was the dream project of Sibal but what it had reached is point from where everything seems to be a mess. For now all what I can say is pre-ordering Ubislate 7 from the Aakash website will be the best option, and the pre-ordering price too is less – Rs.2,999.

Note: The Analysis has been done on the basis of my personal point of view and expertise. If you have any doubts or views, do share them with me.

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  1. Its almost free at this price, however would have loved android 2.3 in this one. I had pre-ordered this one.

  2. Parminder Singh says:

    @3000 it is a good tablet but plz clear my doubt, does it have capacitive touchscreen?

  3. no…it has only resistive….but heard that a new tablet will be launched that may have capacitive at around Rs.4000-5000

  4. Surely this device might be big hit among the mass.

    Thanks for sharing the information.

  5. Does Ubislate 7+ / Ubislate 7c supports 3G dongles ? Thanks in advance.

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