September 26, 2017

Comparison – Kindle Fire vs iPad 2 vs Nook Color, Which is Worthy?

The 2011 Tablet fight has become fierce than ever. We can say that this year has been all about tablets with almost every electronics firm releasing one of their own tablets. But only very few of the non Apple products could get any recognition. Even when there has been an ocean of Tablet flooding the market, quite surprisingly it is easy to pick few of the best out of them.

Kindle Fire Vs Nook Color Vs iPad 2

The creams of the lot are Amazon Kindle Fire, Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet and of course Apple iPad 2. These are three tablets that have created considerable hype in the market. So without further adieu let us get into the thick of Kindle Fire vs iPad 2 vs Nook Color showdown.

Display and Design 

iPad2 has the biggest screen size of 9.7-inch, while the other two are almost identical with 7-inch screens. We were not surprised to see small screens in Kindle Fire and Nook as we know that they have a history of selling books. The small screens can be easily held and placed even in a compact bag but they certainly can not boast of the spacious display that iPad2 offers.

Inspite of being a bigger and heavier than the other two, the Apple tablet is ultra thin and has a solid built feel to, something that even the Amazon product can boast of. We can not really say the same about Nook Color though. The plastic bezel of Nook makes it easy to grasp but takes away the elegance that would have helped it to match up to the other two in the fight. Even though pixels per inch on the Apple slate is less because of screen size, the screen clarity and display quality of the device are second to none.


At 601g, iPad2 is easily the heaviest in the lot, thanks to the bigger screen size and use of metal in the body. At 400g, Nook is the lightest and at 414g Kindle Fire is also marginally heavier than Nook. The portability is not an issue with any of these smart devices.

Processor and Memory

All the three tablets have the same 1GHz dual-core chips, which makes sure that neither of the devices shows any problem while playing even the latest most demanding games. Nook Color boasts of double RAM than the other two, but that does not necessarily mean it will faster than any of them.

Coming to the memory, the Amazon tablet has the least storage without any slot for memory extension. Amazon justifies this with its cloud service. They offer Amazon Cloud for documents, Amazon MP3 Cloud Player for music and Amazon Prime for video streaming.

Kindle Fire Vs Nook Color Vs iPad 2-1

The built-in memory is 8GB, which should be enough for other regular activities. Of course you can not have 10 demanding video games installed in the Amazon tablet. The tablet from Barnes & Noble has a built-in memory of 16GB and they also feature an SD memory expansion slot.  The Wi-Fi connectivity of iPad is said to be way ahead of Kindle and Nook Color, while if we consider in case of other 2 tablets, Kindle WiFi works really great when compared to Nook color.

The tablet from Apple, on the other hand has no SD slot but comes with different memory denominations being 16GB, 32GB or 64GB.


This is where the Apple tablet scores big time even with the two underwhelming cameras at the front and the rear. The 0.92 megapixels do not offer good quality but at least makes video chat possible. On the other hand, the other two in the competition do not feature any camera.


The Amazon slate has its main USP in the form of an extremely affordable price tag of juts $200, which makes it the most affordable in the lot. Of course the tablet will feature a slew of Amazon applications and the company hopes of making profit with its digital offerings. The Silk we browser is another significant offering, which makes browsing extremely fun as it downloads even the heaviest of pages in no time.

The Nook tablet on the other hand is also affordable at $250, but is obviously costlier than Kindle Fire. It does feature Hulu Plus and Netflix, but so do the other two. Even the application selection is weaker than the other two rivals. The tablet is definitely good but does not offer something that others don’t.

iPad2 is very costly at $500 but it features the best of the functions thanks to the new iOS, which offers new notification, iMessage and iCloud, not to mention the App Store, which has the best mobile applications in the world.

The Verdict

The Kindle Fire vs iPad 2 vs Nook Color discussion can go on and on for many reasons. When it comes to purchasing one of these slates, it boils down to an individual’s choice. If you want a dashing, dynamic, well equipped tablet with a big screen size and you are willing to shell out good money then definitely iPad 2 is the way to go.

On the other hand if it is about getting a sleek and smart tablet, which efficiently solves the purpose then at $200 Amazon’s Kind Fire is extremely reasonable. The takers of Nook Color will normally comprise of the ardent B&N fans, otherwise we don’t see why one would ditch Fire for this one.

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