October 17, 2017

CDMA & GSM Android Phones from Different Phone Operators in India

Because there is a huge market for the Android OS based handsets every mobile operator want to make profits by releasing its own handsets with CDMA or GSM supporting networks. There are a few mobile phone network operators which have released Android OS based Handsets to the market. Here are the list of Mobile network operators which have released Mobile handsets with Android Operating System.


Idea Android Phones

Idea is a one of the leading GSM Mobile phone network company in India. It has released two handsets with Android Operating System which are named Idea id-280 from the Huawei company which costs around Rs.5850 and other handset model named Idea Blade manufactured by the ZTE brand which costs around Rs 7,992. These two are the latest handsets which were released into the market in the last month.


Vodafone Android Smartphones

Vodafone has made a debut into the Android Handset market in the India by launching the Vodafone Smart handset in this month. The handset runs with Android 2.2.1 operating system having 2.8-inch TFT capacitive touchscreen and a 2 mega pixel camera. The users get a 2GB memory card for buying this Smartphone and it costs around Rs 4,995.


MTS Livewire and MTS MTag 3.1

MTS is the CDMA Mobile network in India which has released two CDMA phones with Android operating system both these phones are available at an affordable price. MTS Mtag 3G CDMA Android phone with Wi-Fi and other Mobile named MTS Livewire which also comes with Wi-Fi and other good features. Both the mobile phones are available at a price less than Rs.5000.


Reliance Coolpad D530

Reliance have a wide collection of Mobile handsets with Android OS which works on the CDMA networks but it has not yet released any Mobile phone which works on the GSM network. There are three handsets from the Samsung with models named Galaxy i899, Galaxy i500 and Galaxy POP which runs with the Android OS and the other handsets which run with Android OS are Coolpad D530 and Motorola Milestone.


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