September 26, 2017

Novo 7 – World’s First Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS Tablet

Android has released Android Ice cream sandwich Operating System which supports both Tablet PC’s and Smartphones, it is the successor of the Android Honeycomb operating system. Still there are not any Smartphones released with Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system but the Samsung Galaxy Nexus could be the first Smartphone which comes with Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS. There not any Tablet’s released or announced until now with Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS.

Features and Specifications

Novo 7 is the first Tablet which is come with the Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS pre-installed. This is manufactured by the Chinese company and coming to features of this Tablet  it has 7 inches capacitive touchscreen display with multi-touch input and it is powered with 1GHz MIPS processor paired with a Vivante GC860 GPU, 512MB RAM and has 4GB of the internal memory storage and can be expandable through the microSD and HDMI 1.3 memory card slots.

This comes with Wi-Fi enabled and supports 3G network also have a USB 2.0 connectivity. This also has a primary and secondary camera which of 2MP and the secondary camera supports video recording in a HD quality. It has powered with 4,000 mAh battery which provides a standby of 30 hours.

Novo 7 : Android ICS Tablet

This Tablet doesn’t comes with the Android Market application and you can get the Android market through Google CTS certification, it comes with the pre-installed Ice Cream Sandwich applications like Gmail, Google talk, Google Maps, Google Music Beta and so on.

Price and Availability

This Tablet is available at as price tag of $99.At present it is available in the retail outlets of the Chinese market and the company says it will be available in US, UK and Indian market very soon. If you want to buy it through online you can buy it through the company’s website

The shipping charges for it through online include $60 and a total of $159 to be spent to buy this Tablet for people residing outside the China.

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