October 22, 2017

In The Era of Android & iOS, Will WP 7 Be Able to Survive?

Sometime back, there was a post on DreamBloggers which talked about the best Mobile Operating systems of this season. Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry OS were in the list. Android was rated 1st, iOS was rated 2nd, WP was rated 3rd and BB OS was rated 4th. Here, we can see that Android and iOS are on the top while BB OS lags behind. Windows Phone, here has defeated BB OS but fails to defeat Android and iOS. That is the reason why I had to bring this post up.

windows phone 7

Android and iOS are the top 2 mobile operating systems but Windows Phone 7 is growing very largely by releasing some very powerful phones such as Nokia Lumia 800, Nokia Lumia 710, Samsung Omnia W I8350, HTC Titan, etc. All of these phones, especially Nokia Lumia 800 has made an everlasting effect on the world. Windows Phone 7 is mainly known for its amazing design and the tiles which we see on the dashboard of a smartphone.

Windows Phone 7, in my opinion, is one of the most attractive operating system ever made in the world. Only iOS can compete head-to-toe with WP 7 in terms of design. The tiles based navigation has added a lot of uniqueness to this operating system.

Microsoft rules the operating system world when it comes to PC or laptops but when it comes to mobile phones, it is Google ruling the world and Apple being a bit behind. Microsoft launched its mobile operating system in October 2010 and it was then spread in many countries by January 2011. In 2011, it got its popularity and being a Microsoft product it got huge fan following easily.

The Question’s Answer

The question here is In The Era of Android & iOS, Will WP 7 Be Able to Survive? and the straight answer is YES! Well, if the operating system was not by Microsoft, I may have had the opposite answer. Microsoft is one of the most famous companies in the world and everything they design is destined to be famous. Windows Phone 7 is really an amazing operating system and I really feel that it can survive easily. Keep surviving aside, I think it can even beat iOS because Windows Phone 7 is available in more devices than iOS which will help Windows Phone 7 to increase sales. Also, Microsoft is partnering with different companies to release more Windows Phone devices.

Final Verdict

As said above, I am in favor of Windows Phone 7 being able to survive in the market. I really think that there is enough place for a third top operating system and Windows Phone 7 would be that operating system. Well, the question is actually whether WP 7 can survive or not. It can survive easily because it has brand power and all the features it has, makes it a lot better mobile operating system.

Windows Phone 7 has a lot of potential to break records and I am sure it will. It can beat iOS because of the advantage of devices. It can challenge Android as well. It highly depends on the next updates and partnerships with phone companies. Let’s hope for the best!

What is your view about it? Do you agree with us?

Note: The Analysis has been done on the basis of my personal point of view and expertise. If you have any doubts or views, do share them with me.


  1. Windows is the Future!

  2. abchater says:

    WP is like the the combination of iOS and BB..
    The smoothness of iOS..
    Exclusive game quality of iOS..
    Businese experience of BB..

    but it lacks Android’s customization and
    the ability to install apps from other source..

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