October 17, 2017

Features We Want in Apple iPhone 5, Do You Want the Same?

Apple was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. Apple has been striving hard to compete with other brands and has maintained the rank 1 since the day they launched an iPod. The Apple is currently being buzzed because of the upcoming release of iPhone 5. iPhone 5 is also in the list of top 10 searches of 2011, according to Google itself. iPhone 5 will be the direct successor of iPhone 4S which too is a good phone.

There is no official confirmation of release of iPhone 5 in near future but there are lots of speculations and rumors floating around on the web. All what we can do is just wait and pray that Apple launch it soon. What features are to be expected in iPhone 5? Well, we have a big scroll as far as the features we want in iPhone 5 are concerned but we are going to sum up the big ones for you in this post. So, here goes the list of “features we want in iPhone 5”.

Apple iPhone 5


This is something which we all want. I mean, we all are getting sick of seeing the monotonous design of traditional iPhones, having a thick home button in the middle. We now want a change in the design, we don’t want the home button – instead we want it to be placed either on the sides or on the soft-screen. Even the thick design of iPhone gives it sort of ugly looks, so in this case too we want a sleek iPhone.

Faster Phone

2011 saw some of the first ever dual-core processor enabled phones and iPhone 4S was one of them. We want Apple to create iPhone 5 with quad-core processor which will make the fastest phone ever, provided that Apple release it soon. We even want Apple team to at least put up 2GB RAM in it.

Quality Cameras


Apple iPhone 5 should have at least 12MP camera with features like dual-LED flash, face recognition etc. Apple has already taken a lot of time in releasing iPhone 5, Apple might be brining some serious changes. We don’t want this delay to be unworthy, we want Apple to give us the best in its kind phone! Apple iPhone 5 must have a full HD video recording capability with at least 2MP secondary camera.

Voice Command

Voice Command

We have already discussed about this very feature in “What will come and go in 2012” posted earlier on our site. Apple iPhone 5 too is expected to be enabled with this feature. The feature will enable Apple iPhone 5 to do certain task on pre-loaded voice commands. For example, if will say unlock the Apple iPhone 5 is expected to unlock; it will happen only if Apple iPhone 5 will be having this feature. The feature is not at all new, so we want Apple to take it seriously and embed it in Apple iPhone 5.

Data Connectivity

Data Connectivity

The Apple iPhone 4S brought a major change in the iPhone world by supporting CDMA2000 1xEV-DO network. We want something revolutionary after the release of Apple iPhone 5 too. We want Apple iPhone 5 to support 4G network. Apple iPhone 5 will perhaps be the first ever phone to support 4G bands. Other connectivity features we want in Apple iPhone 5 are NFC, Bluetooth, USB, GPRS, EDGE, WLAN etc.

What you are demanding in the upcoming iPhone 4S? Do share with us.

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  1. There have been a lot of speculations about iPhone5 and the features We wants in an iPhone5 have no limits. But lets hope for the best.. :)

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