May 25, 2017

Top 5 Cloud Storage Programs for Smartphones

Cloud storing is latest of all the storing techniques available. Cloud storing is really one of the most reliable techniques, though I agree to the fact that we cannot store a hell lot of data using this. To start cloud storing, we need certain things like hosting and most importantly a cloud storing program. Using cloud storing technique, users can access their stored data from any place and at any point of time, depending upon when they want it.

Generally all cloud storing programs charge you with some money for the hosting the data but the ones we have compiled are completely free and are only meant for smartphone users, and remember if you will surpass the free limit you will be charged according to the data stored and some other factors. You can try each program by click he title in the post. So, here goes the list of “Top 5 Free Cloud Storing Programs for Smartphones”


Google Cloud

Google, at least now, needs no introduction. Everyone trusts Google and Google keeps their trust alive. What is the homepage of your browser? Surely many of us would have Google as our homepage. Google offers cloud storing programs too. Android is an acquaintance of Google, so Google offers a bit more features for Android users. For Android users it’s really easy to sync the Picasa albums, Google Calendar, etc and there is almost no limit of file size and file type.



You must have heard or read about it earlier too, try remembering. Dropbox is another amazing cloud based storing program. Dropbox has two versions, paid version and a free version. Paid version offers you quite large storing capacity with some top-notch features but on the other hand the free version allows only 2GB space, which too is good for a moderate or a beginner. Dropbox can be used to store almost anything with a single click of a button. Dropbox is currently available only for platforms like iOS, Symbian, Blackberry, Android and computers.

Zumo Drive

Zumo Drive

Zumo Drive too is a great cloud storing program. Zumo Drive is something very much similar to Dropbox. Zumo Drive too offers 2GB free space but is only available for devices like Palm Pre, Apple and Android. Zumo Drive is good but Dropbox is comparatively better. Zumo Drive too is really easy to use and a good choice for a starter.

The tagline of is Simple, Secure Sharing from Anywhere and it completely abide by it. Sharing data using is really simple and secure, after all is one of the most secured cloud storing programs. also offers a huge amount of free space but the free space depends upon the device you are using. offers 50GB free space for devices of brand Sony Ericsson, LG and Blackberry and offers 5GB free space to other devices. Syncing data from one device to other too is really easy in

Sugar Sync

Sugar Sync

Sugar Sync was originally created for computers but as the phone market too is growing at a magnanimous pace, it decided to make itself available to smartphone users too. Sugar Sync is amazing. It offers free 5GB space for cloud storing and also support features like touch sync etc. Using Sugar Sync is really fun for smartphone users, last but not the least Sugar Sync is secure too.

Note: The Analysis has been done on the basis of my personal point of view and expertise. If you have any doubts or views, do share them with me.

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