October 18, 2017

Samsung Galaxy S III Rumored with Quad-core Processor, 3D Capability

The year 2011 had surely been the most wonderful and successful year for Samsung. The South Korean company has made a new history by selling more than billion units of its Galaxy smartphones in the market. Samsung has taken over Nokia as well as Apple in case of its Smartphone marketplace.   The company has not put a stop over there & is simultaneously baking something latest in its store, who knows whether Samsung will stand above iPhone 5 in the coming future.

Erstwhile Nokia was the king of mobile phones market, but today the scenario has totally changed. Today the company fails to attract the customers because of missing Android stuff or you can say bad strategy; whatsoever it is but the company is suffering from a downfall this time.

On the other hand, Samsung has taken over the command through its Galaxy line of Smartphone’s which are considered as the key behind the success of the company. Samsung the biggest Smartphone maker in the world is planning to give the mid-range customers a chance to experience some high-end device.Samsung Galaxy S III

The rumor mill has just produced another rumor for Samsung i.e. Samsung Galaxy S III.  Yes, you are read it right. Company has decided to expand its Galaxy series with the latest Samsung Galaxy S III which is expected to be called as “iPhone killer”. Let’s explore more what all would be there in the galaxy S III.

Expected features of Samsung Galaxy S3

Coming to the specification of the device, it will be having super AMOLED capacitive touch screen display which will answer to your touches quickly. To make the device more responsive and faster to your commands Galaxy S iii expected to be blazed with Quad core processor which will make the device worth waiting for, besides its other counterparts. The quad-core processor will do the multitasking with smartness of allocating resources according to priority.

Another fabulous characteristic of the Smartphone will be its Android Ice Cream Sandwich Operating System which will make it more prestigious than others. The device will be having 4.6- inches Super AMOLED Plus 3D Screen with a display resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels for better visual effects, face recognition for security purposes, NFC(near field communication) , 12MP photo shooter will surely surpasses the Galaxy S II far away.  It is also rumored that we will be able to see the 3D display without 3D glasses which is an added advantage.

With NFC integration to latest browser functionality the latest OS will serve you with all. The storage capacity will come up in two modes one is 16GB & 32GB. If you are considering the looks then it resembles to the Galaxy S II but features are the real enhancement we can say.

All these specification and features are rumored for the device; company is liable to change any one of them according to situations which are always unpredictable.

The price of the device is a future concern now but it will probably be revealed at MWC 2012 as expected.

We will see in future whether the device will be able to take over the iPhone 5 traffic or not. Stay tuned to know more.

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