May 25, 2017

Reasons Why The Cheapest Tablet Aakash Failed Miserably

Early in the mid of 2011, a news was spread all over the blog-sphere & across the globe for the cheapest tablet. Yes , you are right I am talking about “Aakash” which has now created the buzz in the market because of  it’s massive booking. It has been reported that more than 14 lakh tablets have been booked within 14 days, which is really amazing.

Datawind, a company who have made this project come alive, was initially in a big dilemma whether they could really manufacture a tablet which will become the cheapest in the market.  All the process have gone well and Aakash is delivered at the end of task.

Aakash Tablet

As the tablet is now in the hands of consumers, we read about the experience of the users which was really disappointing for the tablet. Obviously, it could not be delivered with Ice Cream Sandwich or Quad-cores in $35 but atleast it should prove itself worth some pennies. No matter what the price is but performance is what we all want at last, but the tablet is considered as a junk in this case too.


Aakash Tablet is Ringing Failed Alarms: Top Reasons

Reason 1

Tablet is powered with 336MHz processor, which is not even used in smartphones these days, because of it’s lower clock rate and acceleration speed.  With this processor you can only do some handy task serially, but multitasking is considered as trend of future which is not at all possible with this processor. Another problem with processor is that, it gets heat up very fast, which will result into hang ups and uncertain crashes.

Reason 2

Students buy laptops, tablets because they want to make their task simpler, whether we consider studies or entertainment. But Aakash Tablet prove itself good for nothing. Having  2 GB of internal storage can’t save plenty of data of yours. So you need to rely purely on external memory by spending some more bucks.

Reason 3

Another major drawback  in the list is , you will not able to see or work with the tablet in sunlight because of it’s resistive touchscreen which would not make it visible to you.  Also the  screen is very sensitive to scratches and multitouch facility is also missing here.

Reason 4

Outdated OS i.e. Android 2.2 Froyo as the market is rapidly getting filled with Honeycomb tablets but this tablet is still sticking with Froyo which probably lack most of the useful apps for which you are going to buy the tablet.

Reason 5

The hardware is very low-end and will not  support any future OS upgrades. The reason being the 300MHz processor which will restrict you from doing so.

These all are the reasons which we collected about the tablet from the internet which is really a matter of distraction for the tablet having this much hype in the market.

Our perception is that company might provide some hard-core features which will make it stand out for a long run because it’s not even good in initial runs. At the same time we also felt that a user who never got a chance to experience some gadgets can get some hands on with this gadget at the rate of little price.

Do you consider “Aakash” is worth buying or not? Do share with us.

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  1. Who said it was fail product. Datawind sold all its product that were manufactured and now they are releasing next version called UBISLATE 7+ with processor speed, RAM, OS for 500 bucks extra 😉

  2. Hello Sagar,

    I understand your concern. But in the article, We are just talking about the simple version of Aakash tablet. Which is miserably failing in its price range.

    Ofcourse, its updated version will bring some improvements and changes to it. We are expecting the same.

    Thank you for leaving the comment.

  3. But your title “Reasons Why The Cheapest Tablet Aakash Failed Miserably” will make any Indian to go mad upon you… Its not FAIL completely but if you want you can call it BETA.

    The word FAIL points towards on the Poor Indian technology 😉

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