September 26, 2017

Consumer Electronics Show(CES) Second Day [Round Up-Smartphones and Tablets]

As we all know about Consumer Electronics Show! CES is an amazing event when it comes to electronics. Many techies wait for this event because this is a very exciting event and we get to know so many new products from different brand. CES first day went off with a bang with great releases such as Nokia Lumia 900, HTC Titan II, LG Spectrum, etc.

The second day began with huge expectations and I am sure it didn’t disappoint. Even though, the focus from smartphones and tablets had shifted to other kind of devices, we surely got enough of them. Here is the round-up of the second day!

Mobile Phones

Pantech Element and Burst Photos Shown!

Pantech Burst and Element

Pantech Element is a 8 inch tablet and Pantech Burst is a 4 inch phone. Pantech Burst would be available at $49.99(on a contract)  and Pantech Element costs $299.99(on a contract). What we currently know about the gadgets is that Burst will come with Gingerbread upgradeable to Ice Cream Sandwich. Pantech Element is 8 inch with Android 3.2(Honeycomb). It is also waterproof. Release dates are not available.

Lenovo LePhone S2 Announced!

Lenovo LePhone S2

[Image Credit:GSMArena]

Lenovo launched a couple of tablets yesterday as well and again, Lenovo is in action again and this time they have launched a very good Android phone. Lenovo LePhone S2 comes with Android 2.3.4(Gingerbread) and might be upgradeable to Android 4.0(Ice Cream Sandwich). 8 megapixels camera, dual core 1.4 Ghz Cortex-A9 CPU, 1500 mAh battery, Lenovo Magic UI v3.0, etc. are the other features. This phone will be available in the first quarter of 2012 itself but yet, the pricing details aren’t available yet.


Toshiba Showcased 3 New Tablets!

toshiba 13.3 inchtoshiba 7.7 inch

toshiba 5.1 inch

Toshiba showcased 3 new tablets at the event but all we know about them is their screen size which were written on their boxes. 13.3 inches, 7.7 inches and 5.1 inches is all we know about these tablets. We do know that how do they look like which you can see from the pictures but yet, no more specifications can be seen. Sorry about that!

Razer Reveals Project Fiona, a Tablet with Attached Controllers!

Project Fiona

Razer recently talked about their Project Fiona and what actually made all this better was that this tablet comes with attached controllers, Windows 8 and Core i7. The tablet isn’t announced yet but it is just revealed a bit. It is still in developmental processor and would not launch until the fourth quarter of 2012. Well, Razer revealed this tablet at the second day of CES and created huge excitement all around. Such tablet is quite needed in the market. But yes, the controllers are attached and cannot be detached even if you are not playing any game.

Final Words

Well, people who are interested in CES just for the sake of smartphones and tablets must be disappointed but overall the day 2 was success as well. Now, day 3 is going to come and go but it is going to leave us some great memories. Excitement is on the top and I am sure that CES 2012 will go off with a huge bang!

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