October 17, 2017

Consumer Electronics Show(CES) Third Day Round Up

Consumer Electronics Show is definitely popular and if you didn’t know it before this year, you know it now. CES 2012 has come to an end and now DreamBloggers is back to its work. Rounding up the data of CES for the third day. The whole DB team salutes the CES team for the show they have put up and also the brands who participated in this show and made it hugely wonderful.

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Well, 2012 event was definitely one of the best I have ever witnessed. Unlike day one and like day two, even the third day was not much focused on smartphones and tablets. Well, electronics cover a huge range of products and that’s why we, people who are fond of smartphones and tablets, cannot see only them launching. Well, for that, we would have to switch to Mobile World Congress but for now, we will round-up the third day of CES.

Mobile Phones

Kodak Polaroid SC1630 16 Megapixels Android Phone Revealed!

kodak polaroid

Kodak is a company most famous for its cameras and they have used their amazing camera technology and put it to an amazing use to create an Android powered 16 megapixels camera. Even though HTC launched a 16 megapixels camera phone first but Kodak Polaroid’s camera is a lot better than HTC Titan II’s. You must be thinking what makes it better. Well, the optical zoom is what makes it very better and totally different from the other mobile cameras. The camera in this phone is just like the actual cameras where when we zoom, the camera moves forward. This phone was just showcased in CES. All we know is that it will have 16 megapixels camera and Android. We would have to wait for more.

Lenovo K800 Medfield phone Launched!


Well, Lenovo has been participating in all the days of CES 2012. First day, two tablets. Second day, one phone and in third day as well, they have launched one more phone. The best one from them yet. K800 comes packed with 1.6 Ghz Intel Atom Z2460 CPU with 512 KB L2 cache. 4.5 inches screen and Android 4.0(Ice Cream Sandwich) are the other revealed specs. No other details were revealed sadly.

Final Words!

Well, CES 2012 day 3 has ended and now we would be looking forward to the next day which is the final day. CES gave us so many great products with Nokia Lumia 900 and HTC Titan II being the most popularized. I, personally, waited for Nokia Lumia 900 because it was rumored to be released in CES.

So, now we will wait for the 4th and the final day of CES 2012. 4th day may bring a lot of new things on the electronics table. I am waiting for the 4th day and with it CES 2012 would be bidding adieu. Let’s wait for it.

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