October 18, 2017

iPad 2 Game Review : City Traffic HD Free [Worth Playing!]

The Word “App” was crowned as the word of year 2010 by the American Dialect society. App is an abbreviation used for Application. It is a software program or application that will let you manage task, play games, schedule things, reading and much more on the list.

Some of the apps are developed just for entertainment purposes and other focus on some specific purposes. There are more than 4,00,000 apps available at “App Store”. Among them some are available for free and some will charge some pennies for it.  Using and installing of apps is very simple task that merely every one can do.

Here I am going to review one of my favorite game that is “City Traffic HD” which I used to play on my iPad2. I am sure if you are a gamer than this might surely make your eyes roll over it.  Beautiful HD graphics with fabulous sound quality makes it worth playing.


Category: Games
Version: 2.2
Requirements: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad & iOS 3.2 or later
Developer: BlueOnion Soft Corp.
Reviewed On: iPad2

Review of City Traffic App HD

The idea behind the game is quite interesting and amusing that how well you manage the traffic to avoid certain crashes.  At first glance game will grow your interest in it with it’s simple rules but moving on when you are on the playing ground, it is not as simple as it sounds.  There are four maps that are listed in the game which includes Las Vegas, Beijing, Paris & San Francisco. Among all this San Francisco is one of my favorite to manage traffic over big lanes.

To make your job a bit tougher there are levels like if you are able to pass the first level or you can say manage the traffic in Las Vegas then only Beijing map will be unlocked for you. In my case it takes me more than 5 to 6 replays to unlock Beijing.

Game rules are quite interesting and easy to learn. You need to swipe across the vehicles to make it run faster & tap the vehicle to pause it for some time. Vehicle that is included in the game are just like our real life which include bike, car, ambulance & trucks. Sound of the vehicles taken all the charm with each vehicle having its unique sound like in real world.

Playing directions:

To speed up the vehicle swipe vehicle across the screen

Tap the vehicle to stop it or pause it for some time i.e. to avoid crash

This is how the game looks like on a iPad 2 (killer looks with full HD)

1. The very first interface, when you use to play City Traffic opens like this

City Traffic HD

Now you will chose the first map, in which city you would like to manage traffic

Traffic Manage

This is a screen shot when all the vehicles are on the road facing each other:

CIty Traffic

How vehicles collide with each other:

Road Traffic

Score Board:

Score Board

DreamBloggers Verdict:

I had a fantastic time playing this game. Although, I was never interested in playing games, but the sound effects and graphics of game are just amazing and always keep me attached to it. However, the idea revolving around the game is outstanding. Who would not take a chance to manage cosmopolitan traffic while having fun aside.  All in all one can pass plenty of time while playing this game and have fun around.

This game is available in both Free and Premium version. You can download this game from this link

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