October 18, 2017

Samsung Wave 525 Hands-on Review – A Budget Conscious Phone

Today, We are back with one more Hands-on review of a medium range device i.e. Samsung Wave 525. Previously, we reviewed Samsung’s cheapest Android smartphone i.e. Samsung Galaxy Y. I know what’s going on your mind that why I am talking about this old stuff of Samsung Wave 525 S5253 now. Reason being is I got a chance to have hands-on to this device, and as always how can I forget to share my experience with my readers. I believe “it’s better late than never”, am I right?

The Samsung Wave 525 GT-5253 is a bit old device but still manages to keep good market share for those budget conscious users. If we are considering it as a smartphone then it won’t be totally distracting but will be a unique concept with Samsung’s very own Bada OS.

This Samsung Wave 525 Hands-on Review Include

Package Includes

  • Handset
  • Charger
  • Headset
  • Data-cable
  • User Manual

Design & Build

The cool, compact & pocket-friendly design will surely take your breadth away. When you look a bit closer it seems to have a striking resemblance to Nokia 5233 because of Same display size of 3.2- inches, but soon you will come to know the fact that the former is bit stylish and glamorous. The curvy edges around the corner are adding more charm to its beauty.

Samsung Wave 525

A 3.2- inches capacitive touchscreen isn’t going to do wonders but atleast makes the things clearly visible to you through WQVGA 240 x 400 pixels resolution. Beneath the touchscreen there are three buttons around. Coming to the color availability of the device, it is available in two choices for you, Pearl White & Metallic Silver.


If we merely consider its weight and dimensions than it doesn’t feels like a bulkier and goofier device, but at the same time it do not have slinky waist size. We can say is it stands between both these statements with 55x 109.5 x 11.7 mm dimensions & 100 g weight which isn’t really spotty.

Samsung Wave 5253

Operating System & Interface

Operating system is all about speed which will let you do things easily at a fast pace, while managing things behind. We know that it is bit old device so don’t expect Android stuff here , but Yes Samsung very own Bada 1.1 is here to provide you with good performance but less applications/games pool. You can easily download apps from its official store.

Samsung Wave 525

The advanced TouchWiz UI 3.0 Interface will let you customize your home screens. Also you can set widgets on the home screen to stay updated with the latest happenings around. This one is really helpful as sometimes we forget few mandatory things in our busy schedule.

Camera & Battery life

Believe me you will surely love it, if you have it. I am saying this because I know what a mid-range phone seeks can expect & the device will not disappoint you at all. With 3.2MP you can easily capture some cozy moments & share with your friends through its built-in social sharing integration. Picture quality with 3.2MP isn’t bad until you gonna compare it with other big guns like 8MP or more.

Battery life of the device is worth mentioning and is the major player in considering the worth of a device. The device is tethered with standard Li-ion 1200mAh battery which is able to pull quite handsome time of playback which more than 5 hours whether you are listening to music or playing games.

Memory Storage

Memory storage which is inbuilt in the device is 100MB I know it will disappoint you a bit but there is always a better solution to expand the memory which in this case is upto 16GB with MicroSD.

Miscellaneous features

Other features of the device include its built-in support for Facebook, Orkut & Twitter. The other major thing to notice in the device is having connectivity support of Wi-Fi 802.11 & Bluetooth 3.0 for Internet usage and sharing files with your companions is made easy with the device respectively.

Disadvantages of Samsung Wave 525 GT-5253

Each and every device simultaneously hold both advantages and disadvantages. The thing which matters in such case is whose side is heavier than the other. In Samsung Wave 525’s case its the advantages which will make it a better device in medium-budget range.

  1. Low Resolution
  2. Few Application/Game Pool
  3. No multitasking
  4. Less internal storage capacity

Final Words

According to my perception Samsung Wave 525 is worth buying device with this price tag it truly justify its features & manages to pull over good performance. A Price tag of  Rs. 6,548 is genuinely reasonable if taken in mind it’s specs.

What I can suggest you is that if you want to experience some touchscreen device along with that you want some good connectivity support than I would surely recommend this device to you. Now it all depends upon you whether you want to go for it or not. After all the Choice is Yours!

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