October 18, 2017

Nokia Asha 200 Hands On Review: Stylish Dual-Sim QWERTY Phone

Nokia Asha 200 is a phone from Nokia’s latest series known as Asha. Nokia Asha 200 is a stylish dual-sim QWERTY phone. I got a pearl white colored phone which looks lovely and stylish. It has a silver QWERTY keyboard. After reviewing a few Samsung devices, we now shift the gears to Nokia. By the way, We recently covered the Hands-on review of Samsung Wave 525 on Dreambloggers, If you are looking for an medium-range basic smartphone, you must read the review.

The first time I used this phone, I saw a good home screen which can be personalized. I explored the device checking its settings, dual sim features, Nokia Social, Nokia Music, etc. In a short time, I started loving this phone. At a price tag of Rs. 4759, this phone was wonderfully amazing. I spent around half an hour exploring it, playing games in it, checking the Nokia Store, etc. and I loved everything I saw except a few things which is obvious because nothing is perfect. Now, let me continue on this hands on review.

Nokia Asha 200 Box

This Hands On Review Includes

Package Includes

  • Handset
  • Charger
  • User Guide
  • Earphones
  • Nokia Music booklet
  • Nokia Life Tools booklet

Design & Build

Nokia Asha 200 Design

The design of this phone is just amazing, more than amazing. The pearl white(the color which I got) color may be the best one. It is stylish and looks great. The silver QWERTY keys are icing on the cake. It has a display screen of 2.4 inches which is quite good. The resolution is 320 x 240 pixels. It is available in many colors which are: Graphite, Green, Blue, Aqua, Pearl White, Light Pink, Pink and Orange.

Weight & Dimensions

When you hold the phone, you won’t feel much weight on your phone because Nokia has attempted to make this phone as light weight as possible and 105 grams is quite  light. The dimensions are fine. This phone seems a bit wider with 115.4 x 61.1 x 14 mm dimensions of course because of the QWERTY keypad which made me feel quite weird in the beginning of using the phone because I had a normal phone before.

OS & Interface

Nokia Asha 200 Home Screen

This phone comes with S40 operating system which has a very user-friendly interface and I am loving it. Well, one disadvantage of this phone which I am also gonna tell you about later, depends on S40. The disadvantage is no multitasking. I would have loved multitasking in this phone but S40 doesn’t support and that’s why we don’t have it. Never the less, the OS & interface, both are good and amazing.

Camera & Battery Life

Nokia Asha 200 Camera

The battery life is one of the USPs of this phone. After a full charge, this phone can last a couple of days quite easily and maybe one or two more. I have owned this phone for last 15 days and I may have recharged it around just 3 times. Less recharging lets me use the phone for much more time. Getting a 2 megapixels camera in this phone is not bad. Actually, I didn’t expect much and 2 megapixels is just what I need. Good work in camera features as well.

Memory Storage

Get ready to be disappointed. Here comes another disadvantage of this phone: 10 MB internal memory. Well, good for me that I had a microSD card before buying this phone, otherwise I would have had quite a lot of problems with the low internal memory. Well, a good thing in memory category is that it supports microSD cards up to 32 GB which gives you good memory options.

Miscellaneous Features

Talk about dual sim with easy swap feature, Nokia Store, Nokia Music, Nokia Social(comprises of Twitter, Facebook, Orkut,etc.), Nokia Browser, Nokia Life Tools, Mail, etc. Nokia has totally filled this phone with amazing features.

Advantages of Nokia Asha 200

Nokia Asha 200 Right Side

  • QWERTY keypad
  • Available in a huge range of colors
  • Many Nokia facilities
  • 32 GB microSD card support
  • Large battery life

Disadvantages of Nokia Asha 200

Nokia Asha 200 Left Side

  • No multitasking
  • Less internal storage capacity
  • I have experienced echoing in some calls
  • No support for WhatsApp which is available for Nokia Asha 201 onwards

Final Words

Since the day I bought this phone, I have loved it. From the design to the user interface, everything is amazing. I would just like to ignore the disadvantages of this phone because the advantages just shadow them. This phone would definitely make many fans in India. Using the internet on this phone feels good. It has a chat feature which excludes the need for an external chat software such as eBuddy. All in all this phone rocks and at the price tag of Rs. 4759, you would have very few reasons to neglect this phone. In the end, the choice is yours!

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