September 26, 2017

LG’s Triple SIM Phone: LG A290 | Are You Looking For a Triple SIM Device?

Are you fed up of “Dual SIM Phone”? I mean are you looking for a triple SIM phone? I know, the answer for majority of you will be Yes. It may be because either you are not satisfied with two operators and looking for third support or you are handling three girlfriends. 😛

There was time when were not aware of the term “Dual SIM Phone”, this term was firstly introduced by chinese handset manufacturers. At the time of arrival of these devices, they were build up of low quality material and not able to offer fruitful solution to single SIM problem. Then came the turn of branded manufactures to put some efforts in Dual SIM revolution.

Samsung become the first branded company to introduce Dual SIM phones in Indian market. However, Nokia entered into Dual SIM Phone market lately but still it was remarkable entry.

Moreover, soon we are going to leave behind the concept of Dual SIM phone, because now its time for you to handle a device which is capable of managing three SIM cards at a time. The first question which arise in mind is “Who is the manufacturer of this triple SIM device?”. The answer to the question is “LG”. Yes, you read it right, LG is soon going to launch a phone i.e. LG A290, it is a triple SIM phone and is already announced by LG in Russian Market.

LG A290 Triple SIM Phone

LG A290 has been awarded as the first triple SIM phone from a branded manufacturer. Apart from this, one more question which arises is “Do you really need a triple SIM phone?”. The answer can be Yes and it can be No too. But for some people, they really need three-four different phone nos. For their business. LG A290 can be the best device from them.

Lets talk about LG A290, it is a triple SIM device with very low specifications. It is integrated with 2.2-inch screen and 1.3 MP camera. The main concern for this device is its battery backup because this device will fetch the network of 3 different operators and it will lead to huge usage of battery life. However, LG added 1500mAh battery which may not be able to offer long battery backup.

Now you are clearly aware about the usage of this device i.e. For only “Talk”. Whereas, no further details are available about its availability outside the Russian Market and its other specs are not cleared yet. Lets wait and watch the triple SIM phone game.

Lastly, I will not ask for the opinion of you guys on this Triple SIM phone. But I will ask “Are you seriously looking for a Triple SIM Phone?” 😀

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