May 25, 2017

Aakash Tablet Competitor : Classpad Tablet – Know More About it

The blogger who is doing blogging at Dreambloggers is also a student. The blogger I am talking about is “me”. As a student, I am talking about the tablet which is specially designed for students i.e. Aakash & Aakash 2/Ubislate 7.

You all are aware of the dangerous feedback and status of Aakash Tablet. I am sure, you don’t want to purchase it because of its low standard hardware specifications. Next, we talked about the upgraded version of Aakash tablet i.e. Aakash 2/Ubislate 7. This new version was also not upto the mark or satisfaction. Because still the Aakash Tablet is integrated with Resistive Touchscreen and Low-end processor.

Have a Look:

Till today, Everyone was looking for the alternative to Aakash Tablet in the same price range. Did you found any? I am sure no! However lots of tablets are available in the market but none of them lies in the price range of Aakash Tablet. So it means, We are seeking for competitors?

Here comes the competitor of Aakash Tablet that is “Classpad Tablet”. You might be hearing about this name for the first time. Classpad Tablet has been announced by Delhi-based Classteacher Learning Systems. Classpad is an Android tablet with little bit price variation and better features than Aakash tablet.

Classpad Tablet

Lets talk about Classpad tablet, this tablet is a capacitive touchscreen tablet with Android 2.2 Froyo Operating System. The tablet is fruitful for the students of 3-12. Classpad tablet is powered by 1.3GHz processor and internal memory of 4GB. It can be expandable upto 8GB.

Classpad Tablet will be available in 3 different screen sizes i.e. 7, 8 and 10 inches. Its price will also vary according to its screen length i.e. From Rs. 7,500 to 14,000.

You can use Classpad tablet creating, editing and transferring files back and forth from and to server. Even teachers can use this tablet to show data on white board transmitted by it.

Bringing excerpt from the Press Release, “Classpad’s user friendly interface makes it convenient for the students and teachers to get acquainted with the application. It is equipped with software that is designed to integrate smoothly with an existing school platform. Classpad tablet provides the content in a ‘school friendly’ manner by supporting commonly used school applications.

According to the information provided by the company, Classpad tablet can offer you with 6 hours of non-stop battery backup. Currently this tablet is made available to 1500 students across different institutions for feedback and testing purposes.

How Classpad Tablet is better than Aakash Tablet?

First and foremost feature which differentiate it from Aakash Tablet is its “Capacitive” touchscreen. Because both the variants of Aakash Tablet pursue resistive touchscreen.

Next advancement in Classpad Tablet is its powerful processor i.e. 1.3GHz Processor will speed up the usage experience. However, I do not have any deep information about the processor type whether it is single core or dual core. But with reference to tablet’s price, it will be surely single core processor.

As of now, I cannot recommend you guys to go for this tablet until I get some real hands-on user reviews around.

For more updates on this tablet, stay tuned with me.

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  1. Still i think it could have been improved but that’s human nature asking for more all the time, but given the popularity of Aakash, it will be tough for Classpad to make a name for itself in the market.

  2. The Tab looks cool, but i guess the Pricing is too high for which user might not go for it..

  3. The specs seem to be good, lets hope the actual device does not disappoint like Akash tablet…

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