October 22, 2017

Android 5.0 Jelly Bean Coming in Q2: Wanted Features, Rivals, Expectations! [Rumor Says]

Well, of course it had to come sooner than later and the rumors were just not getting away. Mostly, all the rumors were quite baseless and didn’t have many theories but the latest one out which says that Android 5.0 – named as Jelly Bean – will be launched in the 2nd quarter of 2012 has come from a reliable source. In DreamBloggers, we don’t really share much baseless rumors but this rumor has caught a lot of attention and Android, which is now facing competition from multiple competitors such as Windows Phone, iOS, Blackberry OS, etc. needs to get going with more.


Rumor Right or Wrong?

The rumor has been released and it has been spread widely. Now, it’s up to the people to think and decide whether they trust the rumor or not. Here, I have both the feelings. Why? Go on, read the post.

The Rumor is Wrong!

It might be wrong because currently Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) just has 1% of market share and many tablets and phones are yet to come with Android 4.0. Even many previous phone models don’t have much strong specifications to support Android 4.0 and planning to release next version of Android in this time won’t be much of a good thing and Google might not want to do it.

The Rumor is Right!

Well, here, I explore why the rumor is correct! Android is facing competition, quite a lot. If it releases a completely new version, the attention will most likely shift to them and may give them quite some edge-up. June 27, the date comes in the second quarter and beginning from this date, we will have the Google I/O event where we will most probably see the launch of Android 5.0 Jelly Bean.

Wanted Features

Doesn’t matter if it comes in quarter 2 or anytime there are some features which need to be included in this OS. Some of them, from my perspective, are:

  • Better Security
    Face unlock should be made priority in all the Android 5 phones and also the fingerprint unlock.
  • More Battery
    Many OSes face this problem. They eat up the battery in a fast speed. This shouldn’t be the case with Android 5.
  • Better Touch Response
    After using iOS and Android, I have come to the conclusion that iOS has amazing touch response as compared to Android. Android would want to cover it up.


Android 4.0 did quite a good job in the beginning but right now, it is just being installed in some phones. It just has 1% of the market share. Android 5.0 shouldn’t start this slow! It should begin with a bang by launching at least 2 or 3 phones with Android 5.0 in it. Later, they should sign up more contracts and get more phones which will eventually draw more support for Android fans. My expectations are high and I hope yours are as well. Let’s see how much can Android do.


Well, currently, Android is facing more competition than ever before. iOS is trying to win from one side and Windows Phone is trying to launch more phones and get a good amount of market share. We have expectations of seeing iPad 3 in March 2012! We may see some iOS update from the event. Who knows! And several WP phones are being announced and good ones especially. Well, in 2012, we will see Windows Phone vs Android vs iOS.

Final Words

Well, you can see the small rumor has led to so many things. Android 5 will be a great keyword in 2012 and well, hopefully, we would see some Google action. I really think that Android 5.0 will launch in Google I/O because it will give some more attention to Google which Apple is having currently due to iPad 3 rumors. Let’s hope all goes well.

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  1. Obviously it’s a rumor. I am not saying that the whole concept is false.
    But facts like followings can not be neglected:-
    > Jelly Bean – okay…logo or symbol for this? Compare it with existing ones.
    > v4 is still not spread wide. US Android devices yesterday, wіth mοѕt nοt expected tο see Ice CreamSandwich until Q3 2012 οr later.
    > ETC….

  2. I think it’s too early to talk about Android 5.0, when the best of the devices are still waiting for Android 4.0 update. You can never be sure, but this rumour seems to be wrong.

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