October 18, 2017

Love Reading?: Why You Should Buy a Kindle!

Talk about reading novels, I am a big fan. I love reading novels and books. Usually, when I go to visit some places, I take a book or two with me to read while going or read at the place when bored. And well, I complete the books in some less time. Result, I don’t have much reading option for the next days of my holiday, or whatever you wanna call it. Since sometime, I have been looking to¬†buy an Amazon Kindle or Kindle Touch and soon, I will be having one in my hands hopefully.

Amazon Kindle Fire

I have liked the concept of Kindle, an e-book reader. As a passionate reader, I would love to get a Kindle and read books on it. Well, since I would like to buy a kindle, let me tell you why, and that is what this article is all about. Read on!

Why You Should Buy a Kindle

1. Slim

Well, mostly, novels are quite big and consume some more space in your bag or where ever you keep them. In such places, Kindle helps you. It is very slim, around 4 inches(most models) and that would fit in any bag of yours quite wonderfully and would leave space for more. Being slim will also help your hands. You will keep the Kindle in one hand and flip pages with the other, and while doing this you will feel comfortable, which is the most important thing, of course.

2. Get E-Books Instantly

If you are going to buy a physical book, you would have to go to a store or if you order it online, it will take some time before it gets delivered to your home. When you order it for Kindle, it doesn’t take time. You will be able to download the e-book the moment your payment is successful. This is certainly a plus point of Kindle.

3. E-Ink

With the E-Ink technology, which is not present in most of the top tablets, you can read your books quite easily and without much problems in the sunlight as well. The E-Ink makes sure that there is no glare and no reflection on the screen and you can read the material easily. The E-Ink technology is used in all the Kindles and this is surely a good thing.

4. Huge Storage

You can store around 1400 to 6000 books in your Kindle(difference of storage in different models). Even in the lowest model, you can store as much as 1400 books which is quite great and I am sure you would love that. In the Kindle Touch, you can store 3000 books and in the Kindle Fire, you can store up to 6000 books. Don’t tell me you aren’t impressed.

5. Books at Less Price than Print Edition

Even this should impress you. Well, most of the content present for Kindle is priced lesser than the print edition. This will help you recover the cost slowly which you invest when you buy your Kindle. Surely, you would choose the Kindle over print issues of the magazines or books you want to buy.

Final Words

Well, I have said what I wanted to. Kindle is currently the top e-book reader but it is facing quite a competition from other e-book readers, lets see what happens in the end. Also, what you prefer is very important. Whether you want to read with hard cover or in a touch interface like Kindle. It matters a lot.

Eventually, it’s your call!

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  1. Perfect reasons, this is why i have got Kindle Fire

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