September 24, 2017

Simple But Powerful – Sothink Video Converter Pro [Must Try!]

Earlier there was a time when a phone was considered as an ordinary phone just for receiving and making calls. But nowadays, phones and tablets are becoming more and more smarter. If we talk about Smartphones and tablets, then these gadgets are tasteless without large displays and powerful processors.

The large screen gadgets like tablets & smartphones has given significant increment in video streaming. Playing high-definition videos on such devices offers an extra-entertaining experience. But the problem which most of the users face is of “Format support”, most of the devices are lagging behind because of their limited format support. For that we need a “Video Converter”.

Video converter proves themselves as most important part of a PC/Laptop. If you don’t have a video converter in your PC it means you are really missing something important.

Sothink Video Coverter Pro

Recently I came across a very special and wonderful video converter i.e. “Sothink Video Converter Pro”. This video converter is very special because of its features and easy to use interface. Currently I am using Samsung Galaxy Ace, my phone support only limited formats. So for converting few HD videos, I started the research of video converter and came across, Sothink Video converter Pro.

Sothink Video Converter Pro

Features of Sothink Video Converter Pro

  • Almost all the format conversions are supported.
  • Each and every device specific conversions are also available.
  • Easy to understand & usable interface
  • Available in both free & pro versions
  • Multiple conversion queue supported
  • Fully configurable video encoding
  • Video trimming available
  • 3 color styles available
  • Video to Image conversion.

Difference Between Pro & Free Version

With the pro version, you will get:

  • More output HD and H.264/AVC video formats.
  • More output image formats like PNG, BMP, GIF.
  • HD video on iPhone, iPod, PSP, PS3 and more.
  • No Ads. No watermark.

How to convert videos using Sothink Video Converter Pro?

The procedure of converting videos using Sothink Video converter is very easy. What you need to do is, just add the desired file which you want to convert and from the left side panel; select the encoding profile (the format in which you want to convert).

Converting Video

You can add multiple files at a time and put them in the conversion queue. Then click on “Convert” button from the top panel. Just wait for a few minutes until the video conversion gets completed. :)

I had personally tested and used this software and found it really great. It does not prompt any bugs or errors. I had tried “Pro” version and I am sure you also want to try your hands-on pro version, which you can buy it for just $24.95 from the official website:

What are your views about this video converter? Do let me know.

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  1. Sothink Converters are really awesome, i do have some pro version of them..

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