May 25, 2017

Book BSNL Tablet Online And Cash On Delivery [Guide]

Book BSNL Tablet Online And Cash On Delivery Option Available You can choose to pay online or via cash on delivery. The range of low priced tablets is rapidly growing. With the launch of Aakash tablet, many other tablet manufacturing companies launched tablet devices in the same price range. Recently another player i.e. BSNL has launched its very low priced tablet, which is known with the name of “BSNL Tablet” or “Panta IS70R”. It’s price is kept about Rs. 3,250. :)

This is for the first time that the Government Telecom company has came with a tablet product in the market. If you are not aware about this tablet, let me throw some light on it.

One of the best thing about this tablet is that, it is not developed by any of the chinese manufacturing company, it is manufactured by Pantel, which is known by the name “Penta” in India. Due to its local manufacturing the tablet prices dropped to such a low price range.

However, the status of Aakash tablet is critical, because recently Datawind has slipped away from the Aakash project. What will happen of Aakash, I don’t know! Lets come to its competitor or you can say brother, Bsnl Tablet.

Features of BSNL Tablet

BSNL Tablet is a 7-inch resistive touchscreen tablet with price tag of Rs. 3,250. Happily, it is an Android Gingerbread OS tablet. The backend of the tablet is powered by 1GHz processor and integrated with 256 MB of RAM. However, the processor’s company is not known yet, but i would like to mention that its less memory RAM can create problems in multi-tasking.

BSNL Tablet

book bsnl tablet

The internal memory of tablet is 2GB which can be expanded with microSD card upto 32GB. Wi-fi facility is available in the tablet, but information about Bluetooth functionality is not known.

Extra offer with BSNL Tablet

With the purchase of this tablet, you will be provided with 3 months of 2G data plan.

The tablet features looks sufficient in this price tag but I am little bit worried about the build quality of the tablet which matters a lot. Because if the build quality is not good, then you will not be able to enjoy the features of the tablet. It will become a “Show off” product. But I cannot say any word about the build quality at this moment because we need to wait for the hands-on reviews.

BSNL Tablet Pre-order

BSNL Tablet is readily available for pre-order. If you are pretty excited about this tablet, its time for you to book one.

How to Book BSNL Tablet?

You can book BSNL Tablet in two ways, either by Booking Online or Telephone booking.

Online Booking Procedure

Step I: Visit the official product page of this tablet i.e. Panta IS70R :

Step II: Click on the “Pre-order Now


Step III: In this step, you need to fill all the information about the purchaser. Mention your delivery address carefully.

Step IV: After the completion of the order, you will get a confirmation number. Just preserve it for future communications.

Telephonic Booking

If you are not handy with internet, you can choose the second way of booking i.e. Telephonic. Dial any of the following numbers : (0120) 427731-32, 4308999. No Balance? Try the toll-free number: 1800-103-7739.

Just ask the customer care executive to book the order for you, provide them with the personal information. They will provide you with the confirmation numbers, note it down and keep it safe for future purposes.

How to Pay for the tablet?

Currently, Pantel is taking booking on “Cash-on Delivery” basis. It means you have to pay at the time, you will receive the tablet. If you don’t want to follow this payment method, then you need to wait till March 5. After that, you will be able to pay through online banking method. Finally we can Book BSNL Tablet Online And Cash On Delivery [Guide]

Recently I read that, “Over 1 Lakh Pre-orders are received for BSNL Tablet”. So what are you waiting for? Get one soon!

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  1. nice 1…
    gotta buy this…

  2. Tej Yadav says:

    I booked one WS802C tablet on 25/2/12 but when it will be delivered is not known. Their customer care never replies to any email query and their telephone numbers are never connected. Everything is uncertain and in suspense

  3. Karthika says:

    Hello.. to Dream Bloggers

    I am here to convey that there is no CoD option for booking BSNL Pantel Penta Tablets. They instead are relying on pre-payment through PNB Challan (with varied cash options based on cities)

    Who knows whether this amount reaches Pantel or is being deposited to some other account. The intelligence lies in choosing a tablet that can be touched and tested and later bought. But not in blindly following the words and paying the amount and waiting for it to arrive. Always seek to test and then buy.

  4. Karthika says:


    There is NO SIM option in Low cost IS701R tablet, which is another flaw.

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