October 22, 2017

Install Windows 8 Consumer Preview in VMware [How to]

Recently Microsoft has released the consumer preview version of Windows 8. Few months back, Microsoft issued the Developer preview to developers only but it was circulated all around the world. However, my expectation were very high from Windows 8, but it didn’t fulfilled those expectations.

Yesterday I had downloaded the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. I was very excited for testing this version, so without disturbing my previously installed operating systems. I thought of trying it in VMware.

Install Windows 8 Consumer Preview

VMware is a software which acts a virtual machine and allows you to install various operating systems in a virtual environment. It is a best tool for testing and emergency purposes. Like currently I am using Macbook, but I miss windows a lot, so I had installed windows on Virtual Machine and it helps me a lot. In this article we will learn “How to Install Windows 8 Consumer Preview in VMware?


Install Windows 8 Consumer Preview in VMware

Step I: Install VMware, as it a paid software. If you want to get paid version you can get else you can get 30 day trial too. After installing, you will face the following wizard when you will create a new virtual machine.Continue Without Disc

Step II: Click on the option, “Continue Without Disc”. In the next step, choose the first option and open its drop down list and choose “Choose a disc image or disc”. It will open the browse window, here you need to provide the path of ISO file which you had downloaded from the above link.

Path for ISO File

Step III: Click Continue, On the next screen, Do NOT change anything. Keep both the options as “Other”.

Do not Change

Step IV: As on the next screen, we are presented with the automated configuration of the virtual machine. You might have noticed in the below screenshot that the RAM and Hard-disk space is very less, which is not sufficient for the working and processing of Windows 8. Click on “Customize Settings”.

Customize Settings

Step V: It will ask for you to save the virtual machine with the name you want, specify any name. Here I had mentioned the name as “windows 8”. click Save.

Step VI: In settings, go to “Hard disk (IDE) Option” and there you can increase the disk space according to your requirement. Minimum space recommended is “20GB”.

Step VII: Next go to “Processors & Memory”. Here in this option, you can change the RAM allocation for this virtual machine. Make sure, RAM should be balanced, so that your host operating system should work properly. Unbalancing the RAM numbers may lead to hang state.

Step VIII: All Done. Now click on “Play Virtual Machine”. It will start the installation process of Windows 8. In the installation process, you need to take care of two things, first is to create the partition when the installation will ask for it, next is to enter the product key mentioned in requirements.

Note: For me, Wireless & Sound Drivers didn’t worked. If they are working for you than its awesome, else I am trying to find the solution and will let you know.

So this was the tutorial about the Install Windows 8 Consumer Preview. If you are facing any problem, do let me know.

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  1. Im using Virtual Box and tried to host Win 8 64 bit in it.. but it shows your system dont have 64 bit processor…
    Im using 64 bit processor and 4 GB ram… There any settings in Virtual Box to configure to run 64 bit.. do u have any idea?

  2. It is working for me in the 32Bit system..

  3. Sweet, I was looking for opportunities to test Win 8 without deleting my current Win 7. Thank you for this easy to follow tutorial!

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