September 24, 2017

How to Dual Boot Windows 8 with Windows 7/Vista? [Tutorial]

Everyone is pretty excited about Windows 8. Excitement lies in me too, because in the previous article, I wrote about “How to Install Windows 8 in VMware?”. If you are still looking for another installation method, here is another method.

You can install Windows 8 Consumer Preview in three ways, either

In this article, we will learn, how to dual-boot Windows 8 with Windows 7/Vista.

Steps to Install Windows 8 with Windows 7 or Windows Vista

Step I: You can download either 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Its recommended to keep both the operating systems of same versions.

Step II: For installation, you need to create a partition. In this new partition, you will be installing the Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

You can create partition via disk management. Right-click on “My Computer” and choose “Manage”.

Manage Windows

Next, In the left-side panel, choose “Disk Management”.

Disk Management

In Disk Management, you will be presented with all the drive details, just right click on the drive which is having large amount of disk-space, and choose “Shrink”.

Shrink Drive

You need to bring almost about 20GB of disk-space from the chosen drive. Click “Shrink“, you will see a new space named as “Unallocated space”.

New Volume

Right-click on that space and choose “New Partition”. In the first step, specify the name of the partition as “Windows 8”, so this it should be easy to learn while installation process. Then, Just hit next-next-next. Do not change anything. Your new partition is ready.

Volume Name

If you faced any error while creating partition. It means, you are shrinking the space from the wrong drive. Because Windows allows you to shrink space in sequential manner. For example, you can shrink memory out of D Drive, only if you do not have E drive in your computer. You cannot shrink space from D drive, if you already have E drive. OR You can shrink space from E drive only if you do not have F drive already in your computer. So make sure, you are not making this mistake.

Step III: Now you need to prepare either a Bootable Pendrive or You can use the Bootable DVD. After you had downloaded the Windows 8 ISO, just download this software “Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool”.

Download Link :

Install the above mentioned software in your current operating system. In that software, choose the ISO file and specify the media which you want to make bootable either a USB device or DVD.

Within few minutes, media will become bootable. Now we are ready for the installation of Windows 8 Consumer Preview in our Laptop/PC.

Step IV: Restart your pc and shift it to bootable mode from either DVD/USB. Most of the computers support either F8/F12 to move into the boot choice mode.

Just choose the boot device, you Windows 8 Installation wizard will begin. Choose the keyboard, language settings and click Next.

Choose “Custom Install” option and it will bring the partition screen. Choose the partition which we had created previously. Make sure you choose the right partition.

Click Next.

Windows 8 Installation will automatically gets completed within few minutes. You will be presented with the option of choosing between two OSes. Enjoy :)

Windows 8

Cheers! Enjoy your stay in Windows 8.

If you are facing any problem. Do let me know. Happy to help you.

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  1. its an awesome article rajan:)

  2. Now thats a big bang thing! 😉 Nicely presented Rajan. Well I’m familiar with this tutorial but the thing is that I dont have much space left in my lappy to create hell out of another drive. 😀

    Thats why unable to install the Consumer Preview also.

  3. Yeah That’s Amazing Tricks :) Its Really A Nice One!! Thanks for sharing it 😉

  4. wow ! i did not expected this . i will try this out soon . i’m using windowsn 7 now .

  5. Nice article on booting.. Thanks for sharing rajan

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