October 17, 2017

Fun Android Games for Samsung Galaxy S 2 & Other Phones

Playing and exploring games is always fun whether it is PC game or mobile game. Even the snake game in Nokia 1100 was pretty excited and full of time pass. As you all know, I am using Samsung Galaxy S II from last 5-6 months and explored lots of games and apps. Today I am going to share few of the Android/Galaxy S II games which I loved and played the most.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to purchase any of the game listed below. Because all of them are completely free and full of enjoyment. I am listing fun android games in order of their fun and excitement level. However, I am not responsible for the addiction of these games 😛

  1. Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja

No doubt, Fruit Ninja is one of the most popular and dashing game. Cutting fruit was never so much fun. You can be a fruit ninja too, just download the game and start cutting the fruits into pieces.

  1. Temple Run

Temple Run

It is also one of the most exciting and fun android games. As the name of the game explains itself, in this game the player is running in order to keep himself safe from the attack of killers. The platform or track on the player is running is of Temple and you need to keep balancing the run with the score. What are you waiting for? Start running and start scoring 😛

  1. Glow Hockey

Glow Hockey

It is a hockey game in which you need to score a goal and oppose the opponent from kicking a goal. There are 4 types of levels available in accordance with the power of opponent. Easy level is seriously very easy and Insane level makes you numb and the opponent insane.

  1. Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds Space

If you are looking for a game which is totally out of the box then don’t forget to try your hands on Angry Birds Space. However, you might had played Angry Birds in past but this version of game is completely different and logical. You need to think very seriously in order to clear the levels. Even clearing the level 1 can take long time 😛

  1. Asphalt 6

Asphalt 6

When I first downloaded this game, I was not able to get my mind off from the graphics quality of this game. The size of the game was really big and massive. So make sure, your phone should have a high-end processor and GPU. This game is equivalent to PC with career option, you have to reach to the top level but clearing all the types of races and passing through various cities and opponents. In one word: Its awesome :)

Don’t Forget to share your fun Android Games with me :) and I hope you like my choice 😛

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