October 19, 2017

Installing AOKP ROM build 28 on Motorola Droid 2 [Tutorial]

The Ice Cream Sandwich is the latest version on the Android devices. The AOKP ROM is one of the most amazing and customizable ROM’s that are available currently. Thanks to the developers, the Motorola Droid users can now enjoy tweaking and customizing their Android device with the help of the AOKP ROM.

Motorola Droid 2

Since the AOKP is open source, hence it can be customized by various developers. This makes it highly flexible as the developer can modify the ROM as per their preference to make it work on any Android device. Apart from the AOKP ROM, another highly popular ROM is the CyanogenMod. This article focuses on the flashing of the ROM for the Motorola Droid 2 users. It is based purely on the AOKP ROM build 28.


The guidelines mentioned in the article may or may not work on your device. It is your sole responsibility and discretion to follow the procedure mentioned herein. You can in no way hold the writer or the article responsible for any loss incurred.

ROM Information:


Credits go to the XDA team developer, Albinoman.

Bug Issues:

Since the development of the ROM is still under progress and not completely defined, there are certain issues that pop up now and then. It is likely that you will face these bugs since it is an unofficial release. Here are a few commonly faced issues which you face after installing the AOKP ROM on your Android device.

  • Orientation of your visual items and graphics get distorted.
  • LED notification is affected.
  • It works only in the Charge mode.
  • Chrome may or may not get affected.


The procedure mentioned in the article is solely for installing the AOKP ROM build 28 on the Motorola Droid 2 version of the Android device. It will not be compatible with any other device. Please do not try to experiment on any other device. You are responsible for your own actions. To check the version of your android device, access About Phone under the Settings tab.


  • Make sure that you have sufficient charge on your device. Maintain at least 60% charge to avoid termination of the installation process due to battery failure.
  • You will need to get the suitable CyanogenMod recovery application for your Motorola Droid 2.
  • Please create suitable backup of all your data.

Installation Procedure:

  1. Please upgrade the CyanogenMod version on your phone.
  2. Download the latest AOKP ROM version from the link provided below
  3. Using the USB data cable transfer the downloaded setup file to your SD card. This file will be in the .zip format.
  4. Switch off your device and boot in recovery mode.
  5. Hold down the combination of Volume up, Volume down and Power keys.
    Use the Volume Up and Volume Down keys to navigate, once the boot is successful.
  6. It is advisable to keep a backup of your existing ROM version. This can be done by accessing the Backup and Restore option. This is known as a Nandroid Backup.
  7. After successfully creating a backup return to the recovery screen.
  8. Access your SD card and extract the .zip file to begin installation.
  9. Follow the onscreen instructions to successfully install the ROM on your device.


After completing the above mentioned steps, reboot your device. You have now installed the AOKP ROM build 28 on your Motorola Droid 2 successfully. Now you can enjoy the benefits of this ROM. You can customize your themes and tweak as well.

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