October 17, 2017

Where & How to Recycle Your Old Phones?

More and more people are aware of the growing need for environmental awareness. The planet we all share has a pretty fragile balance of ecosystems that allow us to survive here – the air, water and temperature of our planet are all important to the survival of our species. If any one of those things becomes badly out of balance the future for mankind wouldn’t be so bright you’d need to wear shades….because we’d probably have to live underground instead.

So if you have some phones or smartphones that you want to recycle you can either drop them off at an electronics recycling centre where they’ll be dismantled and recycled back into the manufacturing process or alternatively you can use a service like HelloTotem.com to help you with your recycling problem.
Recycle Phones
You see the team at HelloTotem.com specialize in buying used and even broken cell phones and smartphones for cash from people just like you. So you’re doing the right thing by recycling your phone but you’ll also make money from the deal too which is, let’s face it, a win-win for everyone involved. Why would anyone want to buy a broken smartphone though? Unfortunately that’s a very tightly kept secret known only to the tech ninjas who operate HelloTotem.com.

The HelloTotem.com website makes everything super easy for you. To find out how much your phone is worth you just need to tell them what model it is and what condition it’s in. Then once you’ve provided your full postal address they’ll mail you a package to send them your phone in. Once they examine the phone and make sure it’s as you described they send you a check or Paypal payment for the agreed amount of cash. It’s that simple!

So if you want to know where to recycle your phones then there’s only one single URL you’ll ever need to remember and that’s: www.HelloTotem.com

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