May 25, 2017

How to Find Out What is Best for You? Mac or Windows PC

Mac or Windows PC?

It is the three-decade long ongoing debate in personal technology. If you ever Google it then you would get 758 million hits. In my opinion if you are a student or anyone who uses the only basic features of a computer, go for a PC. PC is comparatively cheap and can accommodate your every need. MAC is an expensive computer suitable for designers, music lovers, and businesspersons. Here I will give you the pros and cons of a PC and Mac and let you decide which is the better computer for you.

Macintosh Vs Windows Pc


Mac or Macintosh is a computer system designed and developed by Apple inc. It was first started in Jan 24, 1984 by the deceased apple chairperson Steve jobs. It was first computer to use GUI (Graphic user interface) and a mouse.

Pros of Mac

  1. Hype – There is a lot of hype about Mac. With the increase in popularity of Apple because of its iPads and iPhones, the popularity of MAC has also increased.
  2. Loyal fan following – It has a large loyal fan base. They would give you advise in case there is any problem with your machine or you need help with any program
  3. Fashion statement – Because of its price and good looks, MAC has become more of a fashion statement. It can alleviate your status in the society
  4. Simplicity – MAC is very simple and easy to operate. It is mainly beneficial to those persons who need simplicity in their computer.
  5. Good for photos, video and music – MAC is particularly great for multimedia. It has great software for video, photo and music editing

Cons of Mac

  1. Very Expensive – Mac is much more expensive than a PC
  2. Limited apps – There are limited number of apps available for mac
  3. No default Antivirus – Mac doesn’t have a default antivirus with it. You have to install it from external sources
  4. Limited control over OS – You have very limited control over the operating system. It is a pretty much locked down. For example: – You can’t defrag a mac manually.

Windows PC

PC stands for personal computer that is generally powered by Microsoft’s windows. It is particularly great for the students with limited cash and gamers. There a large number of software and hardware parts available for PC and you can always make your dream machine using PC.

Pros of Windows PC

  1. Cheaper – It is relatively cheaper than MAC
  2. Have default antivirus – it does come with its own antivirus which can be updated on a monthly basis in the internet
  3. More control over operating system – You would have more control over the operating system. However, I would not recommend tinkering with it if you are not a professional.
  4. Large number of apps – There are large number of apps, software ,games available easily for the PC

Cons of Windows PC

  1. Not good for multimedia – MAC is much better for multimedia related work
  2. Built – The built quality and hardware configuration of a MAC is better than PC


You decide which is better for you. For Gamers and student I will suggest PC and for businessperson, graphic designers it is better to go for MAC.

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