November 23, 2017

5 Best Alternatives to Instagram on Android [Worth Trying!]

Recently Facebook Acquired Instagram. There were a lot of online debates and arguments, when he declared about purchasing Instagram. Well Instagram is a great product, but once it goes on any social networking site privacy options are always an issue. This article will provide you the 5 best alternatives for all of you who are thinking of quitting the application. While compiling this list, priority has been given to the features which are similar to the Instagram tools. You will be as comfortable using the mentioned applications as you were when using Instagram.



This award winning photo sharing application is one of the best replacements that you have. It is free and fun to use. You can capture all those moments which you would like to cherish and share with your friends. It has beautiful frames and borders, which you can implement on your pictures. There are over 13 filters which you can use to enhance and redefine the image. You can upload pictures and videos too!




This is one of the best photo editing tools available for the Android users. You can enhance every bit of your pictures. It is most known for its retro effect adds a vintage look to your images. There are over 2 million settings which you can add to alter your pictures and make them more interesting. You can choose from various effects and save them in high resolution. You can set the resolution too.


This is a great photo sharing application. You can upload your photos to any social networking site like twitter or Facebook. You have access to the photo database of the Lightbox community. You do not even need to register. It also allows you to enhance your images with the help of several photo filters and effects. The best part is that you can control the privacy of your pictures. You can view the pictures uploaded on Facebook by your friends as well.



The Android app for Flickr had been released last year. This application is simply amazing. It is more of a photographic community of its own. You can enhance and share pictures with your friends and family. You can share them on social networking sites as well. You can control who gets access to your pictures via the privacy control. People can comment on your work. You can stay updated with all of this and it even offers various tools to organize your photographs. This is a must have app for all.

Magic Hour

Magic Hour

The name has a marvelous effect hidden in itself. It capture the hour just before sunset. This is a real fun to use application. It has all the features of Instagram. The only downside is that it lacks the social networking aspect. You can enhance your images with various effects and filters. You can convert ordinary images to magnificent ones, giving it a professional outlook. Do test it out.


Instagram is a really cool application and based on its ratings one of the most popular too. However, these apps are cool too! The best part is that they are available for free. So try them out and you are bound to enjoy the experience.

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