October 17, 2017

Top 5 Features of iOS 6 – You Should Know !

Apple claims to have developed the most advanced operating system ever and they call it – Apple iOS 6. iOS 6 will be the direct successor of the iOS 5. But one thing is still not clear, is iOS 6 actually the most advanced operating system ever? Well, that’s what we will be discovering in this post. We have compiled the list of Top 5 Features of Apple iOS 6. Remember, iOS 6 is still in beta stage and is still not legally available for the users without UDID registration. So, here is the list of Top 5 Features of Apple iOS 6 and at the end we will decide whether iOS 6 is the most advanced OS or not?

 iOS 6 Features


Siri was available in iOS 5 too but Apple has upgraded this iOS 6 Siri and this new Siri has got almost no glitches. Siri can now answer all your queries, provided they are logical. You can use iOS 6 Siri to get latest updates about scores, movie reviews, move ratings, facts etc. The fun doesn’t stop here with Siri, you can even get to know the flight timings using Siri just by launching Flight Tracker. Clearly, Siri is the most advanced features of iOS 6.


If you are busy and wish to get calls from a selected group of people, then you can add them all in a particular list and block all the other lists except that you created. This way you will get calls only from the people you listed in your self-prepared list. The new calling features in iOS 6 are mind-blowing you can also make your phone a virtual answering machine. This way you won’t get disturbed and the person calling you will automatically come to know, how busy you are.

Apple Maps

Apple used to integrate Google Maps in its operating systems but that is a history now because Apple has launched its self created map app which is being dubbed as Apple 3D Maps. Apple 3D Maps is somewhat similar to Google Maps but they are more user friendly, and are even more attractive.

Photo Stream

If you are a social media enthusiast then photo stream is designed just for you. You can upload your photos and share them with the people you want, and if you want to share those photos with the people who aren’t using Apple then you can upload them on the web and from there the non-Apple users can check your photos.

Facebook Integration

Facebook is an integrated feature in iOS 6. So if you are a Facebook-crazy then you can easily perform various tasks like uploading status, uploading photos etc easily. You are given an option to directly upload images to Facebook through camera, you can update the status through Siri etc.

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  1. Siri has topped the charts with latest advancements. Apple has remarkably touched the sky with launch of iPhone 4s. Eagerly waiting for iPhone 5 and the new features..

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