May 25, 2017

Sony Xperia Ion – Android Smartphone With a Split Personality

Sony, one of the most famous cell phone company across the world has launched its latest android phone Xperia Ion. Like other mobile phone companies Sony also tried to promote their product differently to attract the attention of the target customers. This time the company, while promoting their latest product was emphasizing on everything, all the exciting features that has been incorporated in the phone apart from talking which is the basic and the most important purpose of a cell phone. Company is now following the American introduction of the Xperia Ion to focus on the entertaining features, such as watching videos or playing games, which users can enjoy while using the phone.

Sony Xperia Ion

Design and hardware

You may not get impressed with the first look at Sony Xperia Ion. The handset is a black colored one with a face dominated by 4.6 inch display. A quite small speaker grill is placed right along the top age of the device. You can find the small android buttons have been set right above the logo of the company on the chin of the Ion.

Once you turn the phone over you can find the back is covered with a dark metal plate. It has two removable plastic caps that have been used to guard the Micro sim and Micro SD slot. The back of the Xperia Ion is designed in such a way so that it can fit into your hands. The curve along with the metallic black plate offers a comfortable feel to the phone that weights 4.9 ounces only.

The phone is equipped with 1.5 GHz dual core Snapdragon processor 1 GB RAM. It offers 16 GB onboard storage which can be extended up to 32 GB using microSD card.

Operating System

This is probably one of the main drawback of this phone. Sony has still laying in the era of Gingerbread. People who have already used Ice Cream Sandwich may not feel going back to the Ginger Bread era. Though according to Sony the device allows the updation to Ice Cream Sandwich in due course.


One of the most important features that put the Xperia Ion on the top of the list is its camera. It offers 12 MP rear facing camera which come only next to the Titan II produced by HTC. This, claimed by Sony is one of the nicest smartphone cameras and people who have experienced it are not differing this claim. It has 1.3 MP front facing camera.

You can still use the camera application even if the phone is locked by pressing down the 2 stage shutter button. But once the camera gets unlocked it starts clicking pictures. Therefore, you have a little chance initially to focus on the objects or get yourself prepared to before taking the snaps.

This android phone has the capability of recording 1080p video at 30fps. It has some added features such as image stabilization or LED flash.


The standard of the 1900 mAh battery placed under the dark metal plate of Ion is ok type depending on the use of phone. It can offer 8-9 hours battery support if you use your phone extensively such as constantly calling or receiving calls or sending or receiving text messages, checking or sending mails, watching movies, playing games. Otherwise you can use the phone continuously for nearly 13 hours without charging.

This latest android phone from Sony is now available through AT& T and the cost is around $99.99. This phone could have been more popular had the company not compromised on some specific features. Still people are showing interest to this latest device.

Article By Guest Author: The above article is written and edited by Roxie, who is a freelance writer for various blogs and communities related to technology. In her free time she writes articles related to Windows 8 info and Microsoft Office 2010 or anything that is related to them.

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