September 26, 2017

Are you Waiting for Play Station 4? Check out – Rumored Specs of PS4

Everyone enjoys a good game once in a while and while parks or entertainment areas might have a dose too high of adrenaline and physical contact, nothing could go wrong in the safety and intimacy of your own house, with just a game console. And if anyone had any doubt until now that men aren’t little boys anymore, they should check the all time consoles sales and see who actually bought the most consoles. Sure, some might “blame it” on their kids, but secretly, anyone of us has that dream of a fuzzy and welcoming carpet, a big LCD TV screen in front and one single game console: a PlayStation.


And while most of the adults were born and raised with the PlayStation 2 version, it appears that finally Sony has big plans about one of its favorite tech gadgets. With PlayStation 3 recently appeared on the market, rumors have it that the new PS4 is most likely to hit the counters and make the children happy for 2013’s Christmas. Sony has yet to confirm the rumors but it will certainly not stand still as its main opponent, Xbox, is already planning a future release anytime soon. Until then, below you will find some of the mind blowing rumored specs of Sony’s new PlayStation 4.

Crystal-clear Image Quality

It is already enough of a miracle that an old generation of consoles can actually run the newest console games such as the Battlefield 3. And even though PS stood in its comfort zone for quite a while regarding game graphics, it will certainly bring into prominence stunning image quality and a crystal clear definition. Attention to details will reach the point of SMAA feature (Subpixel Morphological Antialiasing) to enhance the overall gaming experience.

Proper Care for Nature

While the world begins to realize the effects that strong industrialization has upon the environment and reaches to offer it more protection, Sony is likely to follow the “eco” trend. Thus, it is thought to be made out of eco-friendly and recycled materials in proportion of 60%. As an additional feature to sustain its “greenness”, PlayStation 4 will automatically switch off every 30 minutes without activity in order to help restore and save more energy, thus having a smaller carbon footprint. In addition, the new PS4 will have enough intuition to self-charge from a rechargeable cell phone, saving even more energy.

Enough Storage Space

While the eco compounds play a significant role in the today’s green and eco trend, any play console still needs to sell itself through its tech specifications. In order to achieve that, Sony’s PS4 is said to support a 1.5 TB hard disk drive, just enough to store all your favorite games. In addition, it will feature an HDMI connection port and a third generation of USB ports.

Full 3D Support and Automatic Syncing

Another mind-blowing possible feature of the PS4 is the full 3D support, as well as the 3D Blu-Ray support. It is said that PS4 will also be able to sync with any other Sony device, including an HD flat screen Sony Bravia. Last but not least, PS4 will also have enclosed Sony’s Entertainment Network (SEN) for a full gaming experience.

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