October 17, 2017

7 Best Android Apps that Make Rooting Your Phone worth the Hassle

There are so many cool applications available on the Google Play Store. The Android devices are super fun since you have a lot to discover and play around with. Now ordinarily you will not have the permission or rather you will not be able to access certain features of your Android device. You need to root your device. Then you can customize your device appearance and settings as well. This article brings to you 7 such best Android apps which are great for your rooted device. Check it out!

  • SetCPU

This application allows you to control and modify the processor speed of you Android device. It has a neat interface and has a cool look to it. With the help of this tool you can fix the exact rate at which you want the processor to be run. If your phone is in the standby or sleep mode, then you can make sure that the clocking frequency is low. This way it helps you to keep the temperature of your processor low and prevent over heating.

  • Adfree

This is a wonderful application for blocking out ads. Yes its only function is to manage pop ups. Pop ups can get very irritating at times while we are visiting any website. Indirectly you will also get a better browsing experience after using this tool. The ads or pop ups which appear tend to overload the server and your phone. This can be avoided. It modifies the phone’s Host files and blocks the ads at the IP address level.

  • Wireless Tether

This is a must have application for all Android users. As the name suggests, this application tethers your Android model into a Wi-Fi hotspot. The carrier status is not important and it would boost your Wi-Fi settings irrespective of the carrier mode. In order to use it, you need to root your Android device.

  • Tasker

This application if utilized properly can be the ultimate controller of your Android device; as in you can maximize control over your Android phone. You can automate your event schedulers, your profile settings and a lot more. You will gain access to modify your phone settings, music player settings and even customize your phone appearance. Although some of its features do not need rooting, others do. So it is best to get your phone rooted.

  • ShootMe

One of the disadvantages of Android devices is that it does not have any default application to allow screen shots. You are handicapped in this area. However, the ShootMe app is the tool you need to get proper screenshots. You can configure the screenshot manually by pressing a button. Here is the best part. You can even configure it so that the screen shot is taken when you clap or yell or then is a light change.

  • SSH Tunnel

This is the gateway which ensures that you are secure while browsing. You do not need others prying on your work in an open Wi-Fi zone. When you access social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, your personal information is always on the hot line. So it is better to stay safe and secure.

  • Metamorph

This application allows you to lock down on certain parts of your Android device interface and then create a theme based on it. Isn’t that cool?! Usually creating a theme is time consuming and often complex. This makes it easy. You can even hook apps which you like and the menu as well. Create cool themes and in a jiffy!


There are countless apps that are available in the Android Market. To get all these exciting apps running on your Android device, learn to root your device. Once you flash the ROM, you will be able to do a lot more on your phone than before.

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