September 26, 2017

Laptop Battery Draining Rapidly ? Follow this Fix !

On buying a laptop you might have been real happy about the fact that they are portable but no one did ever tell you that laptop batteries die fast, it is not in particular with a specific model or company but laptop in general.  All laptop batteries have a limited period life after which they start deteriorating and dying soon after charging. The average life of a battery is around 2 years and after that one needs to buy a replacement battery for the laptop.

But now that you are here, you already must be facing some troubles regarding the battery and so we bring to you the Fix for all the laptops which are experiencing such troubles.

Laptop Battery Draining

First of all, in order to fix something you must know what the problem is.. yeah- it is the battery at large but what has been consuming the battery in a manner that there is none left pretty soon. The answer to question is amongst the points mentioned below which are the most common reasons behind the battery dying fast;

  • USB Sticks or USB mouse
  • Brightness settings
  • Standby mode and screen savers
  • High performance games

Now that you are familiar with the cause, you must find a fix for the problem. Before we let you go through with the highly recommended battery saving tips, we recommend you to perform the following settings in your laptop:

Turn down the brightness

  • Using msconfig reduce the amount of background programs
  • Remove any CD/DVD/USB (if inserted)
  • Turn off the hard drive when not in use.

You might not experience any immediate change in the laptop battery just by turning a few of the above setting up or down, to experience some quality and effective changes we recommend you to follow the  most recommended battery saving settings which will defiantly help you bring you laptop back to life. Here they are;

Go for the optimum charging procedure

Depending upon the type of battery used by your laptop, a certain charging procedure must have been recommended to you in the user’s guide, make sure to follow those very steps whilst charging.  If possible charge you battery for 12 hours before usage.

Keep It Cool

Do not leave/ keep you laptop in a hot environment as the batteries contain Lithium ion batteries which degrade on effect of heat.  The fluid in the laptop batteries is highly susceptible to all the changes in the environment and thus, this needs the laptop to be cooler and not exposed to direct heat.

Set the power setting accordingly

You are the user and so you are the better knowing guy in the case of your laptop. You can set the power setting for your laptops in a much better way than anybody else would because you are aware to the usage needs and requirements. Setting the time taken by your PC before it goes into sleep after a period of inactivity is a trick that is sure to work on your laptop and save you battery despite the other factors.

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