November 23, 2017

Top 10 Important Apps to Have in The iPhone !

The iPhone is a really amazing device launched by Apple Inc. With every passing day there are various applications which are being launched by various corporations and developers for the iPhone. From the long list of these applications, this article focuses on the 10 most important applications that you must have on your iPhone.

iPhone 4 Apps

There are apps for different purposes that you need; apps for travel, communication, work, photography and games to name a few categories. This compiled list contains the best of each such category. All these apps are available for free.


This application is apt for all of you who like to work out and maintain a track on your activities. Whether you are swimming laps, trekking or cycling, this app will monitor all your physical activities. It has the inbuilt GPS which will help you while trekking and such activities. You can time your sprints and your swimming laps as well. You can also maintain records of your gym activities, cycling routes and miles. This is one of the best monitoring applications.


Life is incomplete without social networking these days. The Facebook app for iPhone helps you to chat with your friends and also keep in touch with your network. You will b e up to date with the entire necessary feeds The Facebook app for iPhone is better in many ways than your regular desktop browser. You can focus on your work without interruptions. A must have for all social networking addicts.


Although the Wikipedia website works on your iPhone, the Wikipanion makes it easier to access all the information you need. It brings you all the necessary feed and articles based on your preferences. All this is available with the help of a single click.


This is an amazing tool which can be used to capture panoramic views in 3D. You can then edit them and share them with your friends. This product has been launched by Microsoft and is surprisingly available for free. All in all a great editing and capturing tool for your pictures


The iPhone app for Dropbox allows you to access the main Site where you can upload all your documents and images. You can work with them even while offline and access them whenever you want. A great way to share all your files on the move.


This app will allow you to browse through your notes rapidly. You can also make new notes and store them. It helps you to organize your work better. It is an efficient tool.

Around Me

This application helps you to track all the best locations and food spots around you. It shows you the nearest cinemas and restos too. You can find ATMs, banks, petrol pumps and eateries that are closest to you. This is best used when you are in a new surrounding or if you need to get local information. It will provide you with the phone numbers of local places. Please note that some phone numbers may be not free of charge and it might be better to check information online. For example, 1-900 numbers in the US or 0845, 0844, 0870 numbers in the UK can cost you quite a bit especially if you are calling from a mobile phone. If you want to learn more about 0845 telephone numbers please click the link.

Angry Birds

This is an application which brings about recreation in your hectic schedule. There are multiple levels and fun graphics to get your attention. The main aim of the game is to destroy the settlement of pigs by projecting the “angry birds”.

Tone Pad

Create your own music licks and tunes with this application. It offers you a grid interface where you can make note by note. You can create beautiful tunes and make your own music in the free time.

Air Video

You will be able to stream any video on the move. However, you have limited access to the usage and viewing of of the videos. So you need to be wise while making your pick. It is something which can be used for entertainment purposes.


So these were the top 10 apps that you need to posses on your iPhone. So if you don’t have them, start downloading today itself.

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