October 18, 2017

How To Use “Daemon Tools”???

Guest Article By Harneet Bhalla

Daemon Tools is a software that gives you access to backup the CD/DVD/HDDVD into Virtual disc that run on your Hard disk directly.

Virtual disk created from CD/DVD/HDDVD run more than 50x faster than a normal drive.So it helps you to get rid off the loading time of a CD/DVD/HDDVD.

It also reduces the burden from your pocket as you no longer need to purchase external optical drive for your notebook.daemon toolsHow to use this Master Tool???

First thing you need to do is to download this software.You can download it from here.

After you have installed this software,you will see a bright icon near the clock in the task bar.

Right click on that icon and select virtual CD/DVD drive then click on set number of drives and then select the number of drives you want.

daemon tools mount drive

After that click on that bright red icon again, then on virtual CD/DVD-ROM, next click on Device 0:[letter] no media and click on Mount image as shown below:

mount image

Then on the POP-up screen select the ISO file that you want to mount and then click Open..

After that a pop up screen will open asking you to select what you want to do with the CD/DVD.

play the image created

Now if you go to “My Computer” you will see an extra drive in the Removable Devices.That’s the drive you have just loaded.

You can remove it by right clicking on the same bright red icon in the task bar and then click on the virtual CD/DVD ROM and then click on set number of devices and then finally click on Disable…

That’s All !!!


  1. Sarabjot Singh says:

    Nice software tip,quite useful;will continue to view the site for more informative articles.

  2. Harneet says:

    Thnx sarabjot!!

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