September 24, 2017

How to Start Your Own Website/Blog ? Part – I

I think, you are waiting for this article to be published at TechyMind. There is a very strange reason behind starting this series of tutorial. The reason is, whenever I receives the calls or talk to my friends, they always ask this question “How you make websites?”, but the answer is not as much simple as the question is. Apart from this strange reason, I always have a belief that It is very easy to create a website/blog But very tough to manage it.

Let's Go

Without consuming any more time, lets begin with the first part of this tutorial. 

Firstly, You have to see inside yourself and try to find out the answer of this question “Are you a Beginner, Average or Expert ?”, I am explaining this tutorial by assuming you as a beginner.

The thing, which is to be decided at the first moment is to choose the platform, Platform here means that what type of Website, you are thinking to start. There are many types of website or you can say categories of websites like News Providing sites, Blogs (Tech,Non-Tech,Food blog, etc), Music Websites,Video Playback Website, etc.blog_use-this-onejpg

In this tutorial you will learn about starting a blog. Blog is a place where you can share your knowledge or any interesting facts which people will love to be shared with them. If you have good writing skills and love to share your knowledge than Go Right Way! & Earn Money Also.

So now you are ready with the basic knowledge about the backbone of website. For running a website on internet(World Wide Web), you have to Purchase a Domain Name(Name of the Website) or Register a Free Domain. For Knowing about the registration of Domain Check out this Post Free Domain Name Registration.

We will Continue this tutorial with the full explanation of registering a domain name.

As a beginner, investing money will not be a good decision. In my point of view, first go with free domain, If you find the Job interesting than you can go for Premium Domain Name..

Catch you in the next tutorial……. :)

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