May 25, 2017

Points to be Considered While Purchasing a Mobile Phone

If you are thinking about purchasing a new mobile phone, there are some key points which must be considered while choosing a cell phone. Today, there are so many number of mobile companies in the market, so it is quite difficult to select the best among them. Rather than selecting a Best mobile brand company, the range of mobile phones is so large that sometime we get sucked in dilemma which one of them will be best for me or which one will fulfill all my needs.Mobile brand companies

Some of the world’s most popular mobile manufacturing companies are Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Spice, Samsung etc.

Nokia is best known for its user-friendly OS(operating system) mobile phone, which helps users to explore all the features of phone in a very wonderful manner. One good news for all the Nokia Fans, Nokia has stepped into the dual-sim phone market, For latest nokia dual sim phone, you can check our post Nokia Dual Sim Handsets. If you are a Businessman and looking for a Smart Phone/Business Phone, Check out our Post Smart Phones by Nokia.

Sony Ericsson is the company combination of Sony+Ericsson, Sony is best known for its camera quality, I am fan of Sony Ericsson for a long time, because the picture quality of the image clicked from sony ericsson phone is awesome. Check out the Top 5 Camera Phones at Top Five Camera Phones.

Motorola is fruitfully known for its music feature which M for Motorola and M for Music Isn’t it? If you are looking for a music phone, than must go for Motorola.

Spice, as the name mixture of all the above companies, but in my point of view spice is well known for its low price fully-featured handsets. Thinking of Low-Budget phone? Go with spice Mobile Phones.

Key Points to be noticed

1) Choosing the mobile Brand CompanyLots of Mobile Phones

First of all select the company of whose handset you would love to purchase, if you are in dilemma between two or three mobile brands, no need to be worried. It is not a tough job to filter one out of others. As above mentioned are the specifications of the companies according to their most popular feature.

2) Set the Budget/Cost.. How much you are going to invest

I think this should the first key point, no matter. Budget must be fixed or in particular range. Because with my personal experience, whenever we start selecting a mobile phone our budget will surely get disturbed, because the difference between the prices of different-different phone is very negligible but features so different that we can’t neglect them. Always keep fix amount of money in your pocket while purchasing a cell phone.

3) Think about the features you need in your phone

After finalizing the mobile company & budget, now get on to the features which you need in your phone. There are many interesting features like 3G, FM, Wi-Fi, Camera, Music, Expandable Memory, GPS, etc, etc.

There is one trick of marketing, that companies always keep one or other feature missing in a handset, so that customer always go for higher product, keep yourself away from this trick.

Choose your required features calmly, because If in hurry you forget some requirement than everything will be worst.

4) Read Reviews/ Feedbacks about the phone

I hope now you had chosen the phone. If you had selected more than phone, we have to solution to get best phone among them. Must discuss about the phone with your colleagues and friends about the phone, you must check the internet for latest reviews and must read the feedback of the customers already owning that phone. If the comments/feedbacks are negative, Please don’t go for that phone, otherwise Run and purchase it !

5) Comparing Phones

If you had selected more than one phone with approximately same features, than the most easiest way to select one is to compare those phones with each other. Most of the website on internet provides you this facility to compare as many phones online. After comparing, everything will be cleared and you will be able to select the right phone.

If you are interested to know more about the powers of mobile phone. Check it out Powers of Mobile Phones……..

I hope Purchasing a New phone is not a tough task now. :)

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  1. I think overall the operating system which is used in the PC is quite important. Because it all depends on the OS the phone will perform the actions.

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