September 26, 2017

How to Start Your Own Website/Blog ? Part – II

I know you are waiting for the second part. In the previous part, you had gained basic knowledge about the backbone of the website creation.

Now you will learn how to get a domain name. Basically domain name means the name of the website, after getting the domain name we will configure it. For buying a free domain you can read out post Free Domain Name.

But here you will learn to get a domain from CO.CC, with screenshots.

STEP 1: Open up,, check availability of the required domain name, pray to god that it should be available.


STEP 2: Yuppie, your domain is available and free of cost (0$)image

STEP 3: Click on Create an account now, If you already have account just fill your login details, otherwise create account.imageSTEP 4: Fill up the registration form.


After completing the registration, login with your username and password. After logging in, you will see the below interface


So, this is how you got the domain for your new website, which you will be going to launch soon.

In the next tutorial, we will get hosting for our website and learn about configuring the domain name with the name servers of the hosting account.

Till then Stay Tuned!… :)

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  1. I will suggest not to use these free hosting to get domain.
    It will create problem fro your future blogging.

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