September 24, 2017

Get Most Out of Google Search

Google, World’s Largest & dominant Search Engine. Our daily internet life and obviously our Internet browser also starts with Google. Google is indexing about billions of web pages daily & showing them to users based on the keywords.

There are many ways we can get the best & specific results from Google. It not only saves time but also removes irrelevant results.

These are the few tips below:

Use as Online Dictionary

Google search behaves like an online dictionary. If you are seeking for a dictionary meaning or definition of a word, you can use Google search as a dictionary.







Calculate with Google; Googalator

Google search can perform calculations for you. Use any mathematical expression, it will respond with the desired result.









Searching For a Specific File Type

Most of time we are in search of some particular type of file whether it is Mp3,Mp4,doc,pdf, etc. Let’s say we are searching for any presentation(ppt) on any particular topic, we will perform the search in this manner, “Topic searching for” filetype:ppt. It will show only those websites in the results which contains any presentation file(ppt) based on the desired topic.









Currency Conversion

Google helps you to give the latest conversion results. You can use Google to convert any units to any other units by typing “Amount one_unit_name to  another_unit_name”.







Searching within a specific website

Sometime we need to find the results restricted within in a particular website. For this, simply type “site: search_term”.







Update your watch with Google Watch

Google can help you and keep you updated with the time of any part of world. Just type “time cityname”.







Weather Forecasting by Google

Are you planning to go for Pune, but don’t know about the weather conditions there. Oh! Don’t have much time to check television, no worries, Google is here. Get the latest weather reports by typing “cityname weather”. !Cool!  Its Raining there :)






Time line Search

One of the most useful thing for a blogger. Being a blogger, I always search for the information which is fully updated & ofcourse latest. So, you can use this tool by typing “inurl” for e.g. “inurl:2009 shoutmeloud”.







Knowledge about sunset & sunrise time from Google

Now I think you should come to know that Google is not just for searching websites. You can find sunrise & sunset time of any city.

If you like to know the time for any city, start typing “sunrise cityname”.







Also interested in knowing about the sunset time of any city?, just type “sunset cityname”.








Now, What is Your Opinion about Google & its Search Engine ? Do let us Know.

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