October 18, 2017

Send Executable File(EXE) From Gmail

Daily we send lots and lots of emails in our network with and without attachments. But we were never able to send executable file via Gmail or Yahoo Mail. It is not possible due to some strict security reasons, which might sometimes hinder our normal activity too. One such thing is Gmail which does not allow to send EXE files as an attachment.gmailstamp

Here is the way which will help you to send executable file via Email.

Via Microsoft Word Document

Open Microsoft word and drag and drop the executable file into the opened document. File will be embedded as an object. Now, you can save the document as usual and send the document as attachment to your network.

After receiving the email, all you need to open the document and double click on the embedded object it will run the object as EXE file.

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  1. REally smart move! 😉

  2. divas@mobilezworld says:

    Cool trick!
    I usually send exe files by making a rar file.

  3. Thanks for such a Nice trick I was always facing Problems while sending .exe files. But I am sure Google will definitely Trace this and Filter your doc file also.

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