September 26, 2017

Simple Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Blog

Speed is most dominant part of any website or blog. If your blog loading is slow, it pushes negative impact over the reader. So here are some quick tips which will help you to speed up your blog.

1. Stay up to date with Latest Version

Keep your wordpress blog always up to date. In every update, there are lot of performance enhancements are made.

Same situation follows with WordPress Plugins, stay up to date with the latest versions. It’s important for good performance because all your plugins are putting efforts to make your blog more functional.

2. Disable or Delete Unused Plugins

This is probably one of the biggest issues that causes your blog to slow down. Depending on the plugin, they contain lots of code and scripts. So if your are not using a plugin, disable it and if not needed in future, delete it. Keep only those plugins which are necessary for your blog. It’s as simple as that.

3. Clean up your code

Since your code in what runs your site behind the scenes, optimising it can do wonders in your site’s loading time.

-> Decrease Whitespace

White space refers to the space used in your code. Some coders, use lots of whitespace for better readability and organization. But, decreasing whitespace will speed your site’s loading time.

For Example:






Minimized Whitespace:


-> Using External Scripts

Instead of placing tons of code in your header.php file, use external scripts. This allows the browser to cache the script so it won’t have to read it for every other page.

4. Minimize PHP and database queries

Most important of all, cutting down on PHP and database queries. Each time a page on your blog loads, if your browser has to execute any PHP queries, it adds to the load time. If you replace the PHP queries with static HTML, every time a page loads just read HTML.

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