October 17, 2017

How to Create Undeletable Folder in Windows?

Do you want to create an Un-deletable folder?, which cannot be deleted. If Yes, Here is the Trick for you. Actually Sometimes we need this type of folder for putting some important files and documents which must be safe and secure. This type of folder avoids accidental deletion and hence keep your data safe and secure.

Without Wasting any more time, Lets create it. Follow these steps:

=> Open Command Prompt (CMD).

=> Change current Path to the Directory where you want to create Un-deletable Folder.

=> Start Typing md\techy\

=> That’s All.

A folder will be added in the specified directory, try to delete this folder now. Deleted ! No!!

If you want to delete this folder, type rd\techy\ in Command Prompt.

Enjoy this Trick :)

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  1. the folder is not deleted after typin red\\techy\\..can u plz tell me about this?

  2. sry its rd\\techy\\

  3. We are Sorry Rahul, Actually due to Theme Changes at TechyMind.In. The Syntax Of Command goes Wrong, but you can check the new command syntax its : mdtechy

    and For Deleting : rdtechy

    Thanks For Your Response

  4. sorry rahul, i try the trick but the created folder deleted as usual. can u send me some other trick.

  5. Thank you for the response.

    But I have tested this trick on windows Vista/7. It is working very fine.

  6. Hi, i didn’t understand how to do this trick can u plz put pics how to do it and explain to me, thanks!

  7. Hi, i did this now and understood thanks alot!

  8. Cool trick. Will this be applicable to files inside the folder?

  9. Hello Vasathi,

    Thank you appreciating and leaving the comment.

    Sorry this trick is only applicable to the folders. You cannot create undeletable file with this trick.

    Stay tuned for more updates :)

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