September 24, 2017

How to Use Twitter ?

Twitter is one of Most powerful and Fastest emerging website in world. Facebook is also among them. But both facebook and twitter are based on different concepts, whereas Facebook is a Social Networking Media/Website and Twitter is a Micro-Blogging Website. Their Interface is Little-bit Matching with each other.


Twitter is surrounded with term followers and following people. Most of friends doesn’t know how to use twitter efficiently. Most common problem they face while using it is: understanding its User-interface. It looks like this:


It is showing “What’s Happening?” and a textbox under it. Let me explain this to you, It is same as it is Facebook Status, in facebook its written “What’s on Your Mind?”. Here you can update like what you are doing right now, can share your thoughts,etc. The Message which you are going to update here will be shown to your “Followers” i.e. People who are Following you, Not to them whom you are following.

How to Tweet in Reply to Somebody’s Tweet?

In reply to somebody’s tweet means, like you are following “Sachin Tendulkar” and Sachin twitted some Quote on his twitter account, his tweet will be shown in your twitter account because you are following him. If you want to say something to Sachin regarding that Quote/tweet.It means Reply to Tweet. For that twitter has defined a pattern:

@sachin Congrats for Your Double Century.

Here we used “@” symbol and the "twitter ID” of sachin, Now this reply will be shown in the list of Sachin’s Twitter Account. If he will be interested, he will reply to your tweet in the same manner.

What is Retweeting and How to Retweet?


Do you know Whose Tweet is This? No! Its Genelia Desouga, Bollywood Actress. It showing Via “Twitter for BlackBerry”, means Genelia is Using BlackBerry Phone and tweeting from Phone!. If You are also using BlackBerry Phone, Start tweeting from Your Phone today.

There are two buttons “Reply” and “Retweet”. Reply you know very well. Retweet means to share this tweet with your friends/people following you. Because this tweet is made by Genelia and it is show only to them who are following Genelia, if you want to share it with your followers. Just Click on Retweet!

This was the Basic use of Twitter and its Tweeting. I forgot to tell you about the number written in the above picture 140 . This Number represents the no. of Characters you can use in a single tweet.

On the Right Hand side, it show the No. of Tweets,people following you, people you are following.

You can find your friends on twitter and start following them and sharing your updates with them. Use

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More Twitter Tips are Coming Soon. Till Then, Put Your First Step in Twitter World.

Start Tweeting Today :)

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