September 24, 2017

How to Place Facebook Chat On Firefox Sidebar ?

Facebook chat is one the best applications being provided by Facebook. It allows us to do live chat with our friends (better than Orkut’s scrapping though). But what I don’t like is that we have to open the Facebook page to chat not unlike “Google talk” where there is an icon on taskbar for the very purpose.Thus here is a process to take facebook chat on mozilla’s sidebar.

Step 1. Click on the new bookmark option tag in the bookmark pop-down list and enter the following:

Bookmark Manager


Give the following Details in Fields:

Name:- Facebook Chat


Check the option load this bookmark in the sidebar

Step 2. Click view-> sidebar to launch Firefox sidebar and start chatting with your friends


Note: This Trick is only Applicable For Mozilla Firefox Version of Linux Operating System

What are Your Views about this Trick ? Do Let us Know.


  1. Wow…its working for me on new firefox too :)

  2. Works for me too 😉

  3. Sounds Great !!
    Thanks for the comment :)

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