October 22, 2017

5 Amazing Facebook Applications

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Are You a Facebook Lover ? If Yes, than you might be looking for this article. Facebook is one of the largest Social Networking

Website in the World. Each and every person in your circle is on facebook. Sometimes, there are needs of various types of extra ordinary features,which are not available from the facebook's official side, but they are available with the help of Third-Party Companies. Here is the list of such kind of applications, you will surely love these applications :

1. How to Know When Facebook Friends Secretly Delete or Block You ?

No one of us likes to be deleted or blocked by friends. But what we hate is that our friends block/delete us secretly. In order to find out when this happens to you, use X-Friends which is a very useful tool for tracking such friends.

2. How to Remove Facebook side Ads ?

All of you would have seen the side-line advertisements Facebook pages. Though they are pretty harmless but here is a trick to delete them if you want to

Facebook Cleaner


Facebook Cleaner  is a tool which deletes your adds in sideline of Facebook’s webpage.

3. How to Create Quiz on Facebook Easily ?

LOLapps  is an application which can be used to make various quiz applications.

Lol Apps

4. How to Get Facebook Updates on Email ?

NutshellMail Service will help you receiving your Facebook Updates Directly to Your Inbox.



How to Access Facebook Chat on Desktop ?

Gabtastik and Digsby are the two desktop applications which will keep Facebook chat sessions open on your Windows desktop outside of your regular web browser. Now no need to open facebook for chatting with your facebook friends.

Facebook Chat Desktop App

I myself use DigsBy. I wil recommend Digsby to my Blog Readers.

Do tell us What all tricks and apps you use in Facebook.

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