October 19, 2017

Upload Photos from Your Mobile to Facebook Album

You have taken a load of photographs on your camera and you want to transfer it to Facebook. If you want to do it using your mobile then here are some ways to do it.

Facebook Apps for Mobile

If you have a smartphone like BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Nokia(with ovi store), Visit m.facebook.com using web browser on your set download the Facebook application for it. Some of them are also linked to your camera so you can directly upload them on Facebook  right after snapping a photograph. 

Facebook MMS

Now even if you don’t have a smartphone you can still upload your photos on Facebook using MMS. What you have to do is to compose a new MMS and email it to mobile@facebook.com (email,not MMS). Facebook will send a confirmation code via text to associate with your Facebook profile.

Facebook Email

There’s another option provided you can send email through mobile. Go to www.Facebook.com/mobile(using desktop) and note a special “upload” address which will be assigned to you by Facebookand save it in your mobile phonebook. Any photo/message sent to this email will be posted on your Facebook wall.

Facebook + Posterous

When the photos are uploaded using email, they automatically , all pictures are published to “mobile uploads”. If you want to upload your batch photos in folders you can use Posterous. First link your Facebook account with Posterous. Then go to your Posterous Autopost settings and set the minimum Facebook gallery size to either 1 or 2 so that when u send multiple photos they will be posted in their own albums and it will become easy for you to sort them later.

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